6 Reasons Why Women Are Unfaithful And That Men Do Not Want To Accept

The reasons that lead men and women to be unfaithful can vary, but there is a certain pattern that is followed and some causes that not everyone wants to accept.

The reasons that lead men and women to be unfaithful can vary, but there is a certain pattern that is followed and some causes that not everyone wants to accept.

The infidelity of women happens mostly for reasons related to things, situations, emotions and feelings that they need to deal with (and yes, maybe they are not the best reasons, but being honest, no reason can be good to commit an infidelity ).

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Discover the 6 reasons why women are unfaithful and that men do not want to see:

1. The imbalance between the sexual desires of the woman and her partner

According to experts, men reach their maximum sexual desire at 18, while women only reach that maximum when they are 30. This creates a situation of imbalance in which when she is just beginning to feel that need “unbridled” From being intimate with her husband, he is on the way to feeling less desire.

Although there is little biological data to support this theory, it is believed that either physiologically, culturally, or socially, women appear to reach their sexual fullness a few years later than men. This is one of the causes that drives many women to look outside for what they cannot find at home.

2. The need for a plan B

Apparently and according to the results of several studies, infidelities of women increase dramatically when they reach 30 and 40. According to experts, this would take place because the biological clock of women is marking the approach of the end of the reproductive life. This affects some women, making them look for a plan B, that is, they look for someone with whom they can have another child, someone who truly loves them, someone who is not going to leave them.

With this, we are not justifying the infidelity of women, we are simply trying to expose the reasons why, according to experts, women decide to be unfaithful.

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3. To feel attractive (again)

Although many women who decide to be unfaithful to their husbands, they know that they still find them attractive, but for some reason, it is not the same.

The fact that another man, someone, who in the words of some women “is not your husband, who is ‘supposed’ to find you attractive”, feels different, makes you feel alive, young and wanted.

4. The desire to be valued in other ways and not just as a wife and mother

A comment quoted in Your Tango, explains in the words of a woman from India how she feels and why a woman may decide to be unfaithful:

“Living like I do, in a society that doesn’t offer women a great deal of validation outside of marriage and motherhood, and that gives husbands a disproportionate amount of authority over their wives, it seems to me that being unfaithful is often the only way to regain a bit of my personality. For a few hours, I can be a free being. I wonder if there are other women like me.

Apparently one of the reasons is to run away, to free oneself from the rules, pressures and expectations that some societies place on women.

5. Revenge

Be careful, this revenge is not always because the husband has been unfaithful. Infidelity used as revenge is sometimes the result of desperation for other types of abuse that women suffer under the authority of their husbands. Infidelity appears as an opportunity to escape from that reality even for a little while, and also as a way of feeling that they are, somehow, at hand. He abuses her, she is unfaithful to him.

6. Physical attraction to an unknown man

Almost instinctively, many women feel an irresistible attraction to other men, and in many of these cases, these men are married too, and that makes them even more attractive.

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Without a doubt, for each of the situations presented here, infidelity will never be the best solution. The lack of attention, intimacy in the partner, the lack of appreciation on the part of your partner, abuse, and others are situations that deserve to be treated separately and seek help.

Infidelity never leads the unfaithful (male or female) to find true happiness.

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