6 Proven Things You Can Do To Be More Attractive

Being attractive to men is much more than just having a pretty face. Apparently men are looking for something more.

In most cases, a woman wants to feel attractive to men in hopes of finding the man who is going to love and care for her – and she him. If you are in this category and it seems that you are not succeeding, you are not alone. You may come to think that you are simply not pretty enough. If that’s the case, then you might be surprised to read this comment from a Miss America contestant, when asked, “How do you do with all the guys who want to date you?” She answered. I haven’t been asked out for years and I don’t know why. I would love to go out with someone.

Being attractive to men is much more than just having a pretty face. Apparently men are looking for something more. To test this theory, we did a quick online survey and personal interviews, asking various men and young men what they find attractive in women. Here are the top six characteristics that have been mentioned by almost everyone who was surveyed. These attributes are what respondents found attractive in women:

1. Self-confident

She knows who it is. It doesn’t need anyone to define it. She is content to be herself. It has values ​​and norms and is not afraid to defend them. It is not carried away by any cultural change. She is down to earth and knows what she stands for and does not apologize for it to anyone. You have a strong faith in God. She is not arrogant, she just silently remains true to her beliefs and allows others to do the same. She is more concerned about others, including her boyfriend, than she is about herself. One man, describing the woman she married, said: “Your moral values convinced me.” By having confidence in who you are and preserving your values, you can have the freedom to take care of others.

What men look for in women

2. Not afraid to try new things. She is funny

She is ready to embark on an adventure and is fun to be with. You are not afraid to try new things, go to new places, or try exotic foods. He does not hesitate to learn new things that we find somewhat challenging and interesting. For example, a medical student said of his fiancée, “She was willing to get into a hot air balloon without knowing that I was going to propose to her in the air.” Yes, men enjoy being with women willing to try new adventures.

3. Feminine and elegant

She is not obsessed with her looks. She manages to look good. When I’m with her I feel like a real man. She has no need to act like a man, although she is strong and very capable. Her femininity complements my masculinity. She can be adorable in heels and just as lovely in sportswear the next day. You can wear a dress or skirt just as comfortably as when you wear jeans. Does not use vulgar vocabulary. She knows how to smile and she does it often. She just knows how to be a lady.

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4. Smart

She has prepared herself intellectually – she is polite but she does not take it for granted. We really enjoy when we can freely talk about what is going on in the world and we are both interested in the conversation. Not that she has to know everything; but want to learn. That is attractive.

5. Accessible and friendly

She gives me a flirtatious look back when she sees me looking at her. One man surveyed totally in love said: “Her sensible and prudent personality made it impossible for me to resist her.” Another husband said, “He found my jokes very funny. She thought I was very funny, and it touched my ego. It made me want to be with her. ” Perhaps our Miss America contestant – mentioned earlier – made the suitors feel like she was unapproachable; that she was out of reach. Nobody wants to be rejected, and generally you don’t take risks. Men need to feel invited by your looks and gestures. In other words, a kind woman is attractive to men.

6. You want to be a mother

He expresses it by the way he interacts with children. She makes it clear that she is looking forward to having children of her own by saying the words, “I want to be a mother.” Several men stated that this quality was important because they themselves wanted to be fathers one day. A man cannot have a family without a wife who shares the same desire, so this is an attractive trait.

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As evidenced by these comments, everything is embellished by how a guy feels about himself when he’s with you. When you help him feel good about himself, he can’t help but feel attracted to you. As you read what men look for in women, pick a quality that you could improve and start working on that. Little by little you can become the attractive woman you have always wanted to be.

Translated and adapted by Miriam Aguirre from the original article 6 proven things women can do to be more attractive, by Gary and Joy Lundberg.

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