6 Keys To Happy Family Conversation

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. If you want to know a couple of tips that could improve your listening skills, then read on.

An ancient story tells that human beings had the largest ears in the animal world, which even exceeded those of elephants. They could listen from miles away and they forgot nothing; they were the most sought after for long and important conversations. As time went by, humans stopped paying attention to others, so their ears decreased in size until they reached the one we know today.

Similarly, every day we forget how important it is to exchange feelings, thoughts and opinions with those around us. If we took the time to listen carefully to each comment we receive, we would be able to build stable and lasting relationships based on communication and honesty.

My husband always says that I have my own language; on more than one occasion I have said to him: “Pass me the fork” when what I want to ask for is the spoon. As funny as it may seem, it has been difficult for me to have understandable conversations with people I am just getting to know, but I try not only to get my brain to send the correct signals to my mouth, but also to express what I am Saying through my body

Communication has always been a fundamental pillar in relationships. Many people seek to learn new languages ​​in order to open doors in other countries, but communication is not only verbal, but also physical.

I share with you some of the most important factors when expressing ourselves and being face to face with someone:

Body language

Our body reflects the interest or disinterest we feel towards what we are receiving: for example, by being with our hands on our hips we show confrontation, but the hands at the sides, on our hips, allow the sender to deliver a more complete message.

Language and closeness

We must not only converse in the same language, but use a language that we both understand, avoid handling words with double interpretation or that could make those who listen to us feel bad.

Message channel

If what we are looking for is to have a serious conversation, we cannot choose a nightclub or a noisy place to carry it out, since the distractions will prevent the message from getting through in the right way.


Although it seems to be the most important thing, the message alone is useless. If we don’t take into account all the above details, what we say will lose its value in the conversation.

Communication, the art of listening, can cause a great change not only in our lives, but also in that of the people around us. So keep these little tips in mind when engaging in a conversation:

Learn to listen

Being able to focus all your attention on the person in front of you, take mental notes of what you hear and respond honestly, but respecting their feelings.

Empathic listening

Not only put yourself in the shoes of whoever is talking to you, but also seek to feel how they are feeling.

Characteristics that determine the reception of the message

A productive conversation should have at least two interlocutors, a clear message, language that everyone involved understands, and a suitable medium for the message to be conveyed completely and correctly.

Good communication is and will always be the basis of any fruitful relationship, because through it love can manifest, face problems and find a solution where all parties benefit.

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