6 Foods You Eat Daily That Contribute To Depression (scientifically Proven)

In general, when we are depressed we unconsciously consume some foods that, due to lack of knowledge, can affect our health. Meet some and avoid them

The media has led us to believe that eating is a way to combat depression. How many times have you seen on television or in movies where actors, being depressed, eat a jar full of ice cream?

Not only is health attacked, but the terrible information is transmitted that it is well and is socially accepted.

Have you ever felt depressed and seen yourself sitting eating uncontrollably watching television? Or just lying in bed with a bag of chips because it makes you feel “better”?

There is no doubt that depression can present itself in daily life in different ways, since it depends a lot on your frustration threshold and how you were taught to face life; sadness taken to very high extremes of melancholy detonate in the human brain a series of chemical imbalances that cause different types of attitudes that seek to end the state that affects us.

Food happens to play an important role in depression to the extent of affecting health. Here I share some foods that you should avoid consuming.

1. Excess sugars

Classic! You feel sad or without any strength in the face of any situation that arises and you dedicate yourself to eating sweets and sugars of all kinds, in addition to spending it in the dark and closed in on yourself, although around you is the smiling and the sun shine.

Here the problem is that when looking for sweets to revive you and give you energy, the exact opposite happens, because sadness or melancholy cause those sweets to let you go, you feel guilty, anxious and sad, since when you join your diet the body interprets that they are so that they accumulate and are not used.

Not only do they promote you to maintain this state of depression but they also terribly affect your health.

2. Bananas and ice cream

There is no doubt that a food that is eaten regularly and without excesses will work for you, but if you combine them with a stage of depression they will not only give you effects contrary to their nature, but they will affect you in a negative way.

When feeling lonely or sad, combining ice cream and bananas in excess accompanied by chocolates, those delicacies that are good well managed and used by the body, will definitely create a greater imbalance, both hormonal and physical. Avoid them at any cost if you feel that you are sad.

3. Saturated fat

There is no doubt that the first thing the brain thinks about is consuming foods that give it satisfaction: carnitas, quesadillas, gorditas and all the variety of foods that bring with them an exaggerated amount of fat (fried or snacks) will bring you bigger problems.

Consuming excess fat can cause obesity and raise cholesterol levels, contributing to cardiovascular problems.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Having a cup of coffee in the morning is a way to recharge your batteries, in addition to relieving headaches, it contributes to better performance. However, it is not advisable to consume these foods when you are going through depression, since they can alter your nervous system and instead of relaxing you will cause anxiety in your body.

If you think it is impossible to stop drinking any caffeinated drink, choose to consume decaffeinated coffee or caffeine-free soft drinks, that way you will not affect your health.

5. Gluten

In general, gluten is found in the grains of wheat, rye, barley among others, in: cereals, bread or cookies. Despite being nutritious for the body, in a state of depression it is better to avoid them, since wheat inhibits the production of serotonin (a substance considered responsible for maintaining balance in the mood), so the deficit of that substance it will lead to continued depression.

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Many times we consume food unconsciously without taking into account the great damage it causes to our health. If you feel depressed, find a way to eat healthily, with foods such as fruits and vegetables that cause you to watch your weight and satisfy your cravings.

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