6 Behaviors To Live A Happy Present

For many people, positive thinking is a life habit, however for others it is an exercise that requires practice. Are you living a happy present?

For many people thinking positive is a habit of life, however for others it is an exercise that requires practice. Undoubtedly, a happy person lives happiness as their own decision, which is alien to any circumstance, going through any obstacle and making resilience a life choice. Are you living a happy present?

  • Wanting to control everything is one of the characteristics of people who do not live a happy present. When you realize that there are things that are beyond our hands, and that there are things that are difficult to reverse, you simply have to know that not everything falls on your back. Forgive your mistakes, and try to delegate what you cannot do; “He who covers a lot does little,” says the saying.
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  • Accept yourself as you are. Surely there will be aspects of yourself that you want to change, and that is very good if they have to do with aspects that you consider are defects. But you must also love yourself as you are. You probably don’t like yourself for being an introvert, or because you don’t have correct rhetoric when speaking, or because you don’t have a certain ability. Concentrate on your virtues, and on all that is good about you. Love yourself more, complain less.

  • Wanting others to be like you want them to be speaks of a person who is unhappy. You may be looking in your own mirror when you judge another person who is not behaving as you expect. Let others be themselves, and impose your own rules on yourself.

  • Don’t cling to the past or what could have been. Thinking too much about the things of the past slows down our life. Thinking of the beautiful memories is beautiful, and healthy. But remembering the past with nostalgia or sadness plunges us into a dark world and often in a depressed state. Also, lamenting for what could have been but was not, does nothing more than to make us bitter. Think in the present to be happy.

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  • Thinking positive is a good habit for people who live a happy present. When negativity invades people’s thoughts it happens that everything affects the body and spirit. When you think with determination with Faith and positively, everything fits perfectly and everything fits. It is a good exercise to put into practice.

Keep in mind that people’s happiness has nothing to do with external agents. You decide when to be happy, with what you have, with what you are. Being happy is not the choice of a moment, it is a choice of life. Do you live a happy present?

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