5 Wounds That Women Cause To Men In The Name Of Love

Women also hurt in the name of love. Find out what are the 5 most common injuries we cause to men.

The Internet is full of information about what men do to women and how they make us suffer, but when we flip the coin, things change. Men and women make mistakes in the same way, but one of the big differences is that men, in general, do not shout their pain from the rooftops.

«He sent me a text asking me to go out but I did not answer him because I am dating another guy that I really like and I want to focus on him. The next day he sent me another text asking me to please go out with him. I still haven’t answered it ”, was part of a conversation that I overheard between two women.

Women also hurt in the name of love

1. The end can wait

By nature we do not like to hurt anyone and in the name of that love for our neighbor, many times we hurt more than necessary. Ending a relationship is not our specialty and we don’t like to do it. We began to delay the end by cooling things little by little and causing uncertainty in men.

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This “simmering” death can be totally avoided by being honest with the other person and setting them free to find their own happiness without feeling miserable for a long time while trying to understand what they are doing wrong.

2. Dirty clothes are not washed at home

How ugly is the feeling of knowing that someone we love or care about has been talking behind our back. Wrongly, we women use our friendship with other women to talk about everything (with an emphasis on everything) in search of advice to fix our relationship.

The problem lies in the fact that many times our friends know more about your relationship than your own husband. We tell the most embarrassing things about the man we love, and once we have scattered him we can never put him back together. And to fill the situation, we hope that, as if by magic, men will realize what is wrong, without our communicating it.

3. The treatment of silence

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong. Women are very prone to not saying what is wrong or what bothers us in a situation and we want the other person to realize it for themselves. We tell ourselves over and over again that if he loves you he has to realize what is wrong, the problem is that he has never been and never will be. Men do not realize the things we do not say.

There is no need to hurt someone by ignoring or treating them coldly just because they don’t realize what is bothering you.

4. We tell “white” lies and then air the black truths

All humanity lies in the name of love. The problem is that white lies don’t exist. We learn from childhood that lying in the name of love is okay. We believe in the Three Wise Men and when we find out the truth we know that we will lie to our children just as they lied to us and thus in the name of love we continue to do so.

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Now there is a great difference between the Magi and the lies that we tell to the being we love “so as not to hurt him”, the only thing they do is hurt. We should never justify any lie in the name of love. My grandmother always said “that the lie has short legs”, and it does. If you don’t like the way she kisses you or the way she caresses you, or the clothes she wears, or the haircut, just tell her, with love but tell her the truth. In time you will notice the difference.

5. Show interest in someone who doesn’t really appeal to you

Love manipulation games are becoming more and more popular, and the number of victims continues to rise. It is so common for women to “use” another man to arouse jealousy that it hardly attracts attention anymore. We forget that the other person has feelings and that our attitudes confuse them and make them develop feelings for us even though we know perfectly well that we want absolutely nothing with them.

“Never do what you don’t like to be done to you” was one of my grandmother’s favorite sayings when my cousins ​​and I fought when we were kids. Somehow when we do these things that we know are wrong, we provoke fate and almost always it comes back and bites our hand. Just because a man made us suffer does not justify us making someone suffer who has nothing to do with what happened to us. Women of integrity in the long run or in the short reap what they sow.

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