5 Ways To Make Sure He Will Notice Your Absence

Do you feel that your husband does not value your daily efforts and sacrifices? Maybe you should let him notice your absence from time to time.

Sometimes, couples feel secure in their relationship, they believe they are living a solid and happy marriage, they come to think that since they already live with a person who loves them and who has formed a family, their relationship will never be destroyed. Many factors threaten that happy life in a marriage, such as: not valuing the actions and sacrifices that the couple makes, the routine, the excess of responsibilities and the lack of communication.

Begin to value all actions and heartily thank all the moments that you live with your partner. Don’t let it happen to you as the phrase says: “what you have is not valued until it is lost.” If you feel like your partner hasn’t valued you enough and that you need him to reflect on your relationship, start by considering these tips.

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1. Don’t text him

Text messages are important in any relationship, to strengthen the bonds of love and rekindle passion, it is advisable to send two to three romantic messages during the day. Create the habit and get your husband used to receiving those messages and at the least expected moment you stop sending them. You will see that he will ask you the reason why you did not send him messages. It is a way of ensuring that she will notice your absence and will value those details on your part.

2. Not public on social networks

Nowadays it is normal for you to spend time browsing social networks such as Facebook , Twitter or Instagram and you usually upload photos, post a phrase, a thought or even “memes”. Most people do, so when you stop posting, he will surely notice your absence.

3. Don’t call him

Making one or two calls a day to your partner is very common, especially to ask how he is doing, tell him that you love him and that you are waiting for him at home. It is a normal part of every couple, so if you want him to value your romantic calls, stop calling and looking for him when he leaves the house. Do not interrupt him in his work, that way your husband will notice your absence.

4. Let him wake up and you’re not there

Waking up with the person you love is a great act of love, but now it is important that you set your alarm clock a little earlier, let him wake up without feeling your presence. Spend the time doing activities that you want to do. Do it for a whole week and you will see the change of attitude in him.

5. Allow time to do all the housework

It is common for men to leave a pile of dishes in the kitchen, they leave their clothes lying around and it even seems that the broom and the mop do not know them. I agree that they are activities that the woman does, but when your partner begins to see that the housework has not been done as usual, he will value your efforts.

It’s not about stopping all your responsibilities, it’s just a test to make your husband value your efforts. After a few days talk with her about the importance of valuing all the things that the two of you do for each other. It is a way to strengthen love and to appreciate every effort and sacrifice from the heart. I recommend you read: 6 tricks that will make your husband talk about what bothers him

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