5 Ways To Make Him Never Leave Your Text Unanswered

If your partner constantly sees the messages you send him, I invite you to read the following five points that will help you get a response.

It is likely that, on more than one occasion, you have wondered why your partner has seen that message of yours so full of love. Due to the great difference between the feminine and the masculine nature, it may be impossible for you to understand how it is that that man you love so much, can leave your sweet messages unanswered. Thinking about the fact that you would never stop answering their messages, much less those impregnated with love, further complicates your understanding in this situation.

However, accepting that his status as a man makes him less detailed and more distracted towards these types of issues can be very helpful. Learning that, to receive the reciprocity of a simple message or any other detail, you must consider their masculine qualities, will bring you closer to your goal.

To do this, I invite you to read the following 5 ways to make him never leave a text of yours unanswered. The results will surprise you!

  1. Don’t besiege him with hundreds of messages

As a woman, you probably like to see your cell phone saturated with messages from your partner. That makes you feel loved and pampered, as it reaffirms his interest in you. However, it is likely that he does not have the same perception and that, when looking at an immense number of texts, he feels pressured and little motivated to respond. This is where you must accept that one or two messages a day are enough to express your love to him and make him reciprocate to your details.

  1. Try to show yourself loving and not cloying in your texts

It is true that your messages must be expressive and loving, since through your words you can transmit all the accumulation of emotions that he provokes in you. However, it is important that you reflect if in your eagerness to show your love, you have not reached the point of being too mellow with your messages.

While it is true that most men like sweet and tender women, it is also true that, when it goes to the extreme, they can feel a bit suffocated. And it is right there, when they stop responding. Therefore, try that your messages maintain the right dose of love to drive him crazy.

  1. Fill your messages with flirtation

Men like to be flirted all the time. Especially when the woman they love does. Even, through a simple text, they love to perceive a flirtatious gesture.

So, do not hesitate to write to your partner those words and phrases that, in advance, you know how much they like them. Do not be afraid to get out of the routine, dare to send him messages that constantly remind him of how much you like him and attract him. Remember that he will not be able to resist answering a text of yours that projects your feminine and flirtatious nature.

  1. Send him texts that make him laugh

Like women, men love being made to laugh. Especially when it comes to that time of day when work and daily activities completely stress them out. Receiving a message from the woman they love, full of mischief and fun, ultimately serves to lighten the burden of routine.

Therefore, if you really want your partner to never stop answering your texts, do not hesitate to project your funniest part on them. Show her that just as you can be a loving, flirtatious and seductive woman, you can also be a happy and funny woman. This will undoubtedly motivate him to reciprocate with each of your messages.

  1. Make sure your messages are not routine

Finally, remember that routine actions and words always end up generating indifference in any partner. So, if what you want is for him to always respond to your messages of affection, you must be much more creative with your texts and look for those phrases – out of the ordinary – that transport him completely to your world of magic and love.

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