5 Ways To Feel And Look More Attractive (it Will Drive Him Crazy)

These 5 qualities can help you feel incredibly attractive and confident

Most of us women have a bad habit of focusing on the negative aspects of our body. We constantly complain and deny what we do not like or what does not seem attractive according to the standard with which society bombards us. We live so deluded that we cannot easily see our own incredible beauty!

But fortunately there is also the type of woman who refuses to fall into the trap of insecurity. The woman who wakes up every day loving each other intensely regardless of the imperfections that others see in her. This type of woman radiates confidence and is incredibly attractive for her confidence and assertiveness. This type of woman shines with her own light, which is visible to all who come across her.

How can we all become this kind of woman? Recognizing that this is our divine nature and putting aside all the stereotypes that are imposed on us.

In my case, it helped a lot to have an example to look up to. One of my high school teachers was one of these women. She was strong, confident, and always dressed impeccably. However, at times she could also be a bit eccentric in the way she handled herself, which sometimes made her a victim of unwanted comments. But that never hurt her. She was still authentic, and you could see her tenacity in her eyes, which made her even more admirable. If you meet such a woman, acknowledge her and follow her example.

These 5 qualities can help you feel incredibly attractive and confident:

Watch your thoughts

As explained in an article published in Psychology Today, the first thing to do is get rid of negative thoughts about ourselves. Give up your self-criticisms and turn negative thoughts into something positive.

For example, do not criticize yourself because you think that your legs are thick, rather change those thoughts into something that flatters you, notice that you have strong, healthy, beautiful and skillful legs, which have taken you through all the paths of your life. ; cherish and love them as they are.

Self-criticism is more damaging than you might imagine, and it reflects on your exterior as much as your interior. On the other hand, your own compliments will make you reflect light. If you manage to change all your negative thoughts for something positive, undoubtedly your perception of yourself will improve and other people will notice it.

Wear more red

If you want your husband to be more attracted to you, science has now shown that the color red can help you do so. According to a psychological study by the University of Rochester in the United States, men are more attracted to a woman when she uses the color red. And yes, it is very possible that using this color also makes you feel more regal and energetic than normal. You can implement red in your life in simple ways from a red lipstick, your shoes, your bags and so on.

Speak and move safely

Being attractive represents so much more than just your physical appearance. A person who has handsome physical attributes but who does not handle himself will seldom be perceived as attractive. Practice being assertive in your speaking. Say no when you want to say no. Raise your head high and try to have good posture when walking and sitting. Self-confidence is the most attractive attribute you can have.

Find the right fragrance

Surely you have ever passed someone’s side, and when you perceive their perfume, it immediately caught your attention. A person’s smell is incredibly important, so make sure you always smell delicious. The fragrance you use can be correlated with your emotional state, which can increase your self-confidence as explained in this article in Psychology Today. Use a perfume with which you feel identified and inspire positive feelings.

And lastly, don’t stop flirting

Do you know what is the instant way to improve your self-esteem and create more attraction with your partner? Let him know by feeling and acting flirty. Smile, make eye contact, look at her, and wink. Never stop flirting, no matter how long you’ve been together. This will keep the magic and companionship alive in the relationship.

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