5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Front Of The Computer (avoid This Happening To You)

In this age, the computer has become an essential element to do almost any type of work. Are you taking care of your eyesight when using it?

In this era, the use of the computer has become an essential element to do almost any type of work. The fact is that this tool has many advantages: the processes are carried out much faster, almost automatically, it helps to reduce costs, among others; However, there is a big problem that affects everyone: prolonged exposure to this device damages visual health.

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The perfect recommendation would be “don’t use the computer”, however, we know that this is not possible. That is why I will share some advice given by experts from the Mexican Association of Ophthalmology so that you can put them into practice and take care of one of the most important senses of the body: sight! None of the tips are complicated, so doing them will be very natural, try it!

1. Take a break

Experts recommend that for every 50 minutes of exposure in front of a computer monitor, you take between 2 and 5 minutes of rest to exercise your eyes. How to do the exercises? Only blink as much as you can (it has been proven that while you are away from the computer you blink about 20 times a minute, in front of it you blink only 5), try to find a fixed point in the distance and look towards it so that your muscles can exercise and also close them and leave them like that for a few seconds.

2. Place the monitor at a suitable distance and position

The ideal distance that the computer monitor should be is approximately 60 to 70 centimeters from your view so that you do not force it too much. Also, position the computer so that it is slightly below you so that you can see down and not up to protect as much of the eyeball as possible with your lids.

3. Brighten the room with natural light

Natural light can be a great ally for your eyes since excess artificial light can produce more reflections on your monitor, which causes you to make a greater effort and damage your eyesight more. If you wear glasses, remember to ask your optometrist to apply anti-reflective film to your glasses to reduce exposure to reflections.

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4. Adjust your computer font

It is proven that when you have very small print on your screen, your eyes make a greater effort: it is recommended that you adjust the size of the letter so that reading becomes more comfortable.

5. Print the documents as much as possible

If you have to review a document that is very long, then try to print it, since reading on paper is much healthier for the eyes than reading on a screen; Of course, forget about reading books on a screen, prefer specialized electronic devices for this purpose or buy one printed on paper, your eyes will appreciate it!

There are no excuses for not taking care of your sight, your eyes do a lot for you, the least you can do is take care of them as they deserve, try these simple tips and you will realize that they will not cry or give you headaches from so much exposure to these devices, do it right now!

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