5 Things A Woman Should Never Accept From Her Partner

Many times we as women have a high degree of tolerance, which is undoubtedly quite good. However, there are different situations that do not deserve to be tolerated by anyone, and it is necessary to put a until here.

Did your partner do something to you that you really didn’t like? Do you think it is better to let that happen without consequences? To help you clear up all your doubts a little, I will tell you what are the five things you should never accept from a man, from there you can draw your own conclusions.

1. Let it hit you

When a man physically assaults you, he doesn’t deserve you to continue by his side, he doesn’t love you. On the other hand, if you let him ignore the first time, he will do it again, since he cannot control his impulses and much less his temper, even if he promises you that he will not do it again, he definitely will.

Relee: True love does not run through channels of violence.

2. Let him humiliate you

Never, but never allow someone to make you feel less than others. Eleonor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” so love yourself, value your potential as a person and remove from your life all the people who try to hurt or destroy your dreams and emotions.

3. Make you unfaithful

A person who promises you unconditional and true love does not have to be looking for new “adventures”, since true love is built between two, not between three or four. Do not become the other, you are worth a lot, let that person go, and find someone who is truly your complement and that you are their priority.

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4. Let him manipulate you and control your time

If the partner you have believes in having the right to organize your whole life, from how to dress to manipulate your desires to improve, calculate the time it takes to get home from work and if you are not in the time it calculated, it will cause you problems He claims you and fights for it, or he thinks you have to do what he wants or he wants to because he thinks you are his property, it is better that you stop and remove that controlling and manipulative person from your life. What you really need is someone who is your support and you the support of that person.

Relee: Affective manipulation, the other side of abuse.

5. Keep you secret from your acquaintances

When a person is proud of their partner, they try to get to know them by their family and close friends, introduce them to their acquaintances, invite them to family gatherings or with their friends; But if your partner hides you or presents you as her friend or coworker when in reality you are her “girlfriend”, she simply does not deserve the love you give her, since she is not being completely honest with you.

Before loving a person, remember that self-love is the most important, and the one that you must always value and defend. Do not get involved with people who are harmful and who do not love themselves, because the only thing they will lead you to is a dark and empty place, full of bitterness and resentment. The ultimate goal is not to have a partner, sometimes it takes time alone to reflect and value yourself as a person and love yourself as you should, the day will come when someone will give you the place you deserve.

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