5 Steps So You Can Believe In Your Partner Again

Trust is a very sensitive element. Very fragile. How to trust your partner again when he makes a mistake?

People have similar characteristics, one of which is that we tend to make mistakes. “It’s human to be wrong.” And the causes can be many and varied: a bad decision, a moment of sensitivity, of weakness; a bad thought, a doubt or a fear badly assumed, and so on.

Neither man nor woman, alone or as a couple, are exempt from making a mistake. Personally, how aware are you that we all make mistakes. And if you know, with respect to your partner, what faults you would be able to forgive and forget to trust him again, and how you could do it.

The question is not simple, so I share a small guide with five steps that will indicate which is the right path:

1. Trust yourself

When this kind of thing happens in a relationship, the woman usually feels responsible. According to what the psychologist Adriana Reyes points out, to be able to trust another person you must start with yourself; otherwise, it may be too difficult to do it with someone else, or it will simply never be truly accomplished.

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2. Take stock

I recommend that you do a recount of your relationship. If you consider it necessary, take a sheet of paper, divide it into two: at one end write down the positive things, at the other the negative ones, and in the middle, the reason for your distrust. Read each point and decide where you place the last one: as an experience or as the reason for your breakup.

3. Make things clear

Pick somewhere where they can’t be interrupted, preferably somewhere neutral, so they can sit down to clarify things as honestly as possible. In that atmosphere, ask the question that has bothered you since you found out you were cheated on by your partner: “Why did you do it?” Based on what they answer, decide if you can live with that mistake.

4. Mature together with your relationship

If you decide to give it another chance, then you should bear in mind that you will hardly see it the same, so it is important that you are aware that just as the relationship underwent a change, you too and therefore the relationship should see it differently, as if it were of a new, more mature.

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5. Do it little by little

If it is impossible for you to give him another chance but you still believe that you continue to love him, I advise you to give him an opportunity to show you a change, which can be gradual, to gain your trust again.

Do not lose sight that a relationship is of two people and when there are failures, usually, both are involved to make them happen; Therefore, it is also good that you take it into account not so that you can justify their actions without reason, but so that you can correct yourself if there is something to correct.

Making mistakes in life is common, but believing in people when they have failed you is one of the most difficult things there is. In fact, some find it impossible, but it depends on each one. Assess the circumstances and the facts and think about what you really want for yourself and your family.

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