5 Statements To Avoid In Your Emails

Recommendations for correctly writing a business email.

At present, the interaction between people already depends (for better or for worse, but that is the subject of another article), on the Internet. Since the arrival of electronic mail ( e-mail ) to our time the way of communicating has changed radically. Think about it: in business matters, practically everything is closed with an email, asking for a job too, and even greeting a distant relative is also done by email.

Because of this, I want to make a series of recommendations for you to write an e-mail properly , because I have come across some texts to which I immediately think: “If you write like that, then does it have to speak much worse?”

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So that that does not happen to you and you boast of an important quality in the way of writing, I will give you five tips to write a good e-mail ; practice it and I hope it helps you to find a good job or improve your current conditions. What you should not put in an email:

1. I hope you are well

Come on, don’t be false! Unless it is someone really close, greeting like that seems more forced than the promises of a politician. If you are going to propose a business then go straight to the point: my name is so and I want to propose this to you, quickly and precisely.

2. In today’s world

An article like this is one thing, and a professional email is quite another . Of course, if you are sending him an e-mail on the spot, it’s today’s world, not yesterday’s! Use direct phrases like “it’s important” or “agree with.”

3. For more information visit ..

Imagine that email is your pass to a first impression, which obviously is not going to be repeated. Saying that to a prospect will waste their time. Try to make your email as clear as possible, if he is interested, of course he will visit your site. In family matters it does not apply to send an email to the distant uncle to tell him: “Jaimito had a birthday, for more information visit my Facebook wall.”

4. I await your prompt reply

Who around here likes to be ordered around? And in an email, then less. There are many ways to say goodbye, a: “I am waiting for your comments”, can be a great option. It is also bad for the nerves to say that you expect a prompt response, because if it does not arrive, then water!

It is also important to review the famous “fingerprints”, those spelling mistakes that constantly happen to us when we type fast, and now with touch keyboards , because the phenomenon is getting even bigger.

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Remember that your identity in social networks is very important, do not think that only your “contacts” can see you. In the case of emails, take care of the profile photo and also the address that you will use to communicate. I hope you do not ask for work with a reference email address such as soyelmáslocodeloslocos@locote.com

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