5 Simple And Effective Steps To Regain Your Figure After Being A Mother

Being a mother changes your life, and many women also the body. If you want to return to having the figure of before, with will and these tips you will achieve it.

When you hear the beautiful news that you are going to be a mother, all thoughts are focused on the little one who is to come. Being a mother changes your life and, of course, also your body.

Nobody says that this is an easy process, since being a woman is very difficult in this demanding society. Generally, when you become a mother your personal desires take a back seat and you live for that little being you have engendered. However, it is very common that after a while you start to feel bad because you cannot regain your figure. Quiet! With time and will you can feel good about yourself again, do not pressure yourself, you have an arduous task on your hands. Next, I share the following tips, you will see that by following them little by little you will begin to feel like the girl you were before.

1. Accept yourself as you are

The first step to feeling good is loving yourself. Do not judge yourself for not losing weight quickly or because your skin is a little blemished, rather learn to love those marks that your son left on your body. Probably even if you lose weight, your body will not be the same as before, since now you are a mother and you have many beautiful things to give. When you accept and love yourself for what you are now, everything else will flow.

2. Breastfeed your baby

While breastfeeding alone will not magically make you lose weight, it is a great ally when it comes to regaining your figure. Breastfeeding your child requires extra effort from your body, which is why it consumes about 500 calories a day in that single act. That does not mean that you will lose a large amount of weight with just this act, but accompanied by an adequate diet, it will mean a lot.

3. Eat pleasantly, but in small portions

The arrival of motherhood is not a good time to eat strict diets, and it is also an excellent time to pamper yourself. Do not deprive yourself of eating things you like, but do it in small quantities. Eat that ice cream you want so much or that chocolate bar you have saved, but not all in the same day. Eat with pleasure, without guilt and in small portions, incorporating foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

4. Take your time to exercise

You can slowly return to your exercise routine, just remember that you just became a mother and your body has gone through several changes. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or go for a run, take advantage of housework, go up and down the stairs, walk around the neighborhood, or find an exercise routine indoors.

5. Lean on those who want to help you

Accept the help of those who offer to take care of your baby while you go for a walk or do other activities. Receive praise from those who love you and use their energy to propel you to new goals. Do not be discouraged, you will achieve it little by little.

You can also seek help and support from other mothers who are in the same situation as you, they can go for a walk together with their babies or find a gymnastics group of mothers and children, something very common in some cities.

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