5 Signs That Your Intimacy With Your Husband Is Suffering (how To Remedy It)

If your privacy is suffering from these 5 ‘subtle’ ways that can go unnoticed, you better change it before it’s too late.

Intimacy in the couple is not only sexual or physical intimacy, there is also emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy is that magic that unites you on a much deeper level than sex and even the love you feel for each other. This type of intimacy is what makes you feel comfortable even when the two of you are quiet in the same room. This intimacy can suffer during marriage, and it is usually the one we pay the least attention to, until it is too late.

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There are 5 signs that this important part of your relationship is suffering. If you want your relationship to progress and not go through the uncertainty of deciding whether to continue or not, you must take into account the following factors:

1. Notes that you began to filter what you are going to say and share with him

All couples are different, but there is one general rule that applies to all: Good communication. If you find yourself often holding things back, analyzing whether you should tell them or not, stop and analyze what is happening. Intimacy between a couple grows when there is that absolute trust, in which there is nothing you are going to say to your partner that will make him love you less or value you less.

There is nothing more powerful in a relationship than complete and utter trust. This creates an exquisite complicity that serves as a super glue between the two and makes them invincible.

2. You feel that he no longer understands you

This usually happens when the other person stops paying attention to the meaning of the words you are transmitting, and only focuses on the sounds you are making. This can be the trigger for more serious problems in your partner’s future. Sometimes the monotony, always talking about the same topics, makes couples stop really paying attention.

You don’t have to wait until this behavior, which should be an exception, becomes ‘normal’. As soon as you notice it, bring it up to your partner and calmly explain the love you feel for him with concrete examples, what you feel, when you feel it and what you would like to see changed. Remember that you too should make an effort to pay attention to him and understand what he is trying to communicate to you.

3. You begin to feel that you no longer know your partner as well as you thought you did.

It depends on how much time you have spent together, this is more common than you imagine, and although in most cases, it will not be anything serious, in some, it can be a sign that something is happening.

It is common for people to not show themselves one hundred percent as they are from the beginning of a relationship. In the desire to conquer the person we like, we show only the best of ourselves, but then we change who we really are. On the other hand, changes may be related to the fact that something is actually changing, and not for the better.

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All changes should be discussed, trying to use the greatest sincerity possible. Remember that the key will always be to use a friendly tone and not to react negatively when your partner tries to explain what is happening to him.

4. You feel that things are going in waves (sometimes good, sometimes bad)

Nobody likes to live like this, following a pattern in which things are sometimes on the crest of the wave, and sometimes they sink you to the bottom of the sea. If there are times when things are good, and dialogue and sex flow between the two, until suddenly everything goes to the bottom of the sea, something is not right.

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Talk it over with your partner, tell him how you feel, without blaming him; Remember that in most cases, the things that happen in the couple are both.

5. Things that did not bother you before are a problem today (even the noise it makes when chewing food bothers you)

This is a serious sign that things are falling apart and that there are things you need to work on. When things that you used to like about the person you love now bother you, something inside of you has changed. See if there is something about yourself or your feelings for him that has changed.

Also see if there is something he has done that has hurt you and has gone unsolved. When there are resentments in the couple, this type of discomfort and annoyance is born, and the more time passes in this situation, the worse it will be for your partner.

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