5 Reasons You Don’t Know Why Your Children Should Not Go To School Without Having Breakfast

If you consider it unimportant that your children eat breakfast before going to school, I invite you to read the following 5 reasons why you should change immediately.

Without a doubt, breakfast should be one of the most important meals for all people. In fact, I would dare to say that, above lunch and dinner, it is the most relevant food. Since in the morning, both the body and the mind, prepare to fulfill the tasks of the day to day, it is necessary to feed them properly.

Understand that more than a taste or desire, breakfast is an essential time to give energy to every part of your body and your mind, it will help you to keep yourself and your family healthy. In particular, it will benefit you in your pursuit of raising healthy and strong children. However, it is likely that you, like many mothers with young children, are facing the stormy challenge of your children not agreeing to eat breakfast before school. Either because they are not hungry or any food makes them nauseous at that time of day. The point is that, perhaps, no matter how hard you’ve tried, you still can’t convince them to try any bites in the morning.

So, if throughout your many attempts you have already given up and this sneaking out of breakfast has become a habit for your children, I invite you, both you and them, to reconsider if they are correct. For that, below I share five simple but significant reasons why your children should not go to school without breakfast, whatever the cost.

1. They will not have enough energy to carry out their academic work

If the teachers who teach your children constantly report that they feel tired, lacking energy and with little interest in carrying out the tasks that are asked of them in the classroom, don’t think twice and get to work.

While it is true that this lack of energy may be due to some other issue, the first thing you should rule out is that your children are resenting the absence of a substantial and healthy breakfast.

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Allowing your little ones to go to school on an empty stomach will undoubtedly affect the energy they have not only to fulfill their academic duties, but to develop and have fun as the children they are.

2. They will not be able to concentrate

It is proven that children who do not eat breakfast before going to school have difficulty concentrating in their classes. Because their brains are in charge of sending the signals corresponding to the food that the body requires, they will hardly be able to focus their attention on what they must learn.

For this reason, if it is evident that your children are not doing well academically due to exhaustion and lack of energy, persuade them to have some fruit, milk and something else, before going to school.

3. It will make them sleepy

The little ones who tend to fall asleep at class time usually report not having had breakfast in the morning. And, although they as children will hardly associate that one thing is the result of the other, you as their mother should not ignore these warning signs.

Remember that every well-fed and rested child must have enough energy to perform throughout the day.

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4. They will feel grumpy.

Although your little ones do not understand the reason for their irritability when going to school in the morning, you as a mother must recognize that, most likely, it was due to lack of food.

5. Your learning process will not develop properly

In the same way, it is necessary that you convince your children to eat breakfast because it will depend on their having a healthy and adequate learning. Do not forget that, by not receiving the nutrients that their bodies and brains need, they will not be able to absorb the knowledge that is taught in school and in life as such.

Finally, remember that loving and caring for your children will require that, at times, you must persuade your children to do things that they do not like at all – such as eating breakfast – but that will be essential for their growth.

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