5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Buy My Daughter A Tablet

She asks me for a tablet and I refuse, but I have my reasons.

Technology is as attractive to children as it is to adults. And although it is hard for us to admit it, we are losing our children to the hands of the screens.

I don’t want to sound drastic, but it is a serious reality. I have small children and I must set limits regarding the use of my mobile. “Why don’t you buy me a tablet? ”My 6-year-old daughter told me. Many of her friends have, and she thinks she should have one too.

And why don’t I have a television in my room ?” He asked me too. And I was there shortcutting questions without any answer satisfying my girl. It would be easy to buy her the tablet and please her, right?

But I have my reasons

The reality, and according to experts, is that technology should be prohibited for children under 12 years of age. However, we cannot deny that there are very didactic and pedagogical videos that greatly help the child’s learning. You just have to know how to use them correctly.

According to a report, the screen turns children into psychotic addicts. It sounds as strong as reality itself. According to Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, technology is a “digital drug” for children, since it produces the same effect in the brain as synthetic drugs. And we know that whoever falls into drugs falls into an addiction that is difficult to get out of.

The negative effect of high exposure

Carrying the mobile or tablet in the car, or while waiting for the doctor’s office, or on a trip, are actions that seem innocent but that hide a serious risk. When you least realize it, your child will have spent more hours with an electronic device in hand than looking out the window, or reading a book, or playing with his ball or dolls.

In addition to the addiction itself, if children spend many hours a day on screens, they are losing much of the outside world. Let’s not forget that childhood is the time where we discover, explore, learn, and where our brain makes more neural connections.

My 5 reasons

Maybe later my children will have their tablet, or their own cell phone. Maybe I bought them myself, or maybe their grandparents, who knows. The truth is that, now, I have my reasons for denying your request.

  1. I want nature and play to absorb their world, and not the screens
  2. I want you to understand that you are still too small for some things
  3. The attraction of a big screen will be difficult to dissuade, so I want to stretch that moment as much as possible
  4. I want you to understand that you cannot have everything you want and that things are achieved with effort
  5. I would like you to understand that one does not always have to have what others have

It is possible to discourage your child from the screen

Sometimes we ask that our children put down the phone or the console when we cannot do it ourselves. Do you know how many times I said to my daughter “wait” when she was answering an email? Many. And surely it happens to you often too.

So sometimes you have to stop, think and act. Let’s give children that space they need. Although I recognize that many times I feel comfortable that my children spend a few minutes a day watching videos, it is also true that I make an effort to think of techniques and strategies to remove my children from the screen. and here I share them:

  • Set schedules

If since your child is small you allow him to watch videos at dinner, then it will be difficult to remove it. Set specific hours, and don’t let your phone be on the table at lunchtime (and neither does yours).

  • Set a stopwatch

Almost all cell phones come with a built-in timer. Let your child watch her video, or play her favorite game, but only until the “beep beep” of the clock sounds.

  • Show him what you found in the yard

This works wonders for me. If I want my children to put down their cell phones, I go out to the patio and act in wonder at a newly discovered archaeological find in my patio (which is usually a ball bug). Try it, they will come running. It also applies to other finds and discoveries in other areas of the house.

  • Keep it out of your sight

If they see it, they will want it. Take your mobile out of sight and instead put a new storybook, or old photos of your family, or things that catch your eye. When I leave my mobile near them, they will always come as the first option. Let the mobile be the last.

  • Invite him to help you

Children love to help. Give them a rag, a broom or the vacuum cleaner and they will leave the video they are watching, to get to work. Well, this may not apply to teenage children. And there you will have to use tactics 1 and 2.

Don’t stop feeding your imagination

Technology, in most cases, does not allow children’s brains to work, expand and develop. Our mission is to make our children learn and grow in the healthiest way possible.

Go out for a walk. Stepping on crisp leaves in the fall. Turn off your cell phone and invite him to discover the world that hides in your garden. To talk at dinner. To laugh out loud. And to remember your own childhood, when technology did not exist in everyday life.

Teach him that there is life behind the screen, and so he will grow by valuing the time you spend with him and how much you did for his growth. 

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