5 Little Known Physical Symptoms That You Are Being Abused Emotionally Without Realizing It

Our body has the ability to distinguish when things are wrong by showing physical symptoms even when the abuse is only emotional.

Violence is not exclusive to women, although in a world where the belief that we are the weaker sex prevails, it is not surprising that the statistical results are higher when it comes to us. But beyond gender, the important thing is to recognize it, because there are symptoms and sequelae that, although they are not seen physically, are just as damaging.

Under the protection of socially accepted behaviors there is psychological abuse, which although it is not unknown, it is despised, to the point that many of its symptoms are not associated with abuse, on the contrary they are considered part of female psychology, such as that we do not see ourselves as individuals, but as a part of a whole without which we cease to exist.

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Seen from this perspective, it is understandable that we are constantly questioned about personal aspects such as when is the wedding, the children, or even the grandchildren for? But rarely about our professional claims. And it is not that it is wrong that we want to be only wives or mothers, in fact it is not a minor job at all, but it is assumed that only that we have the right.

But going back to the beginning, it is common to suffer psychological violence without even knowing it, and perhaps we are not able to identify it as such, but definitely our body does have that sixth sense to distinguish when things are wrong, and it even begins to react to let us know, I share some little-known but unequivocal statements that things are not going well.

Little-known symptoms of domestic violence:

  1. Mental confusion.

  2. Memory loss.

  3. Little ability to concentrate.

  4. Little clarity to express ourselves.

  5. Anxiety.

  6. Stomach problems, such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting.

  7. Fibromyalgia Not the real disease, but confusing the ailments with this condition.

The decrease in the degree of consciousness, the little confidence in ourselves, forgetting things, physical discomfort can be in the cases that apply, a result of the emotional exhaustion that takes place due to the external onslaught that we suffer when we are literally sleeping with him. enemy.

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Many times we are not diagnosed because doctors look for diseases or ailments that can be treated with medicines, but the ills of the soul only disappear when our spirit feels calm, so it is important that you are the one who responds if you are being morally mistreated.

Identifying the problem is only the first part, because knowing is not enough, it is necessary that you discuss it with your family in search of a change in family dynamics, and with or without their support, seek help that allows you to overcome the emotional consequences that the invisible pain of psychological violence inevitably leaves us.

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