5 Infalble Steps So That You Are Never Fooled

According to what many specialists say, infidelity can be avoided, it is only a matter of paying attention to these points so that that never happens.

There are several theories in which it is expressed that man by nature cannot be monogamous, it is not “natural”, but if a survey were made to know how many people agree to share their partner, few would be. However, it is a latent probability.

«Many unfaithful people seek to fill a gap. It is a way of escaping from problems, ”says Cristina Corbella, a psychologist from the Euskalduna Clinic in Bilbao.

In the same regard, the psychologist Luanne Cole Weston affirms that one of the reasons why she is unfaithful is because her partner seeks attention “to feel more special because they stop feeling special” in their relationship.

How can you prevent me from cheating on you?

1. Communication

Indosalus Mila Cahue, the Couple Area Psychologist at the Álava Reyes Psychology Center, assures that “poor communication means that the couple cannot flow due to misinterpretations”, that is why it is essential to have excellent communication (in all aspects) with your partner, this way they will have the opportunity to correct or address the things that are not working.

2. Give you freedom

All human beings require their own space to live even if you have different roles such as being a mother, wife, employee, etc. otherwise you may experience a feeling of suffocation. It is also advisable for there to be a short pause, stop seeing each other for a few minutes, talk with other people about other topics and give each other the great opportunity to miss each other.

3. Be more spontaneous

Do EVERYTHING you can to avoid falling into a routine. Seek to be creative, if you do not have many ideas you can lean on your friends, ask them for some tips to impress her: meet her near her work for lunch, invite her to dinner, take her to see a game or concert,. Try not to do it daily so that you surprise him.

4. Avoid jealousy

Jealousy is one of the factors that most damages any relationship, which if not mediated in time can lead to a more serious situation. For some people this factor is pleasant because it shows “that he still loves you”, although this is not always true, there are a thousand better ways to show your affection and communication is the key to this.

5. Consent it

Without being honeyed (unless your husband likes it) have details with him. Only you know her tastes: when she goes to sleep, prepare her robe, adjust her slippers, massage her back, her feet while listening to her favorite music and aromatize her bedroom. Prepare her favorite dish, a dessert, make a meeting at home so that she can be with her friends, etc.

6. Respect it

Respect should always be mutual and there is a very fine line that can be crossed if you are not careful. When there are discrepancies, the anger is such that many times what is said is not thought and even less with what is done. That is why you must be very cautious, you already know what makes him angry. If you ever have doubts about doing something, remember “don’t do what you don’t want him to do to you.”

These recommendations are very simple to carry and I assure you that if you accompany them with a daily grooming and care in your appearance, it will never leave you, on the contrary, it will have to take care of you every day.

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