5 Indisputable Responsibilities Of Godmothers And Godfathers

They have a great mission in your child’s life.

For parents it is very important to have people who support us in the upbringing of children. In this way, when we choose the godmother and the godfather of our children, we do it thinking of those people to whom we would entrust our most precious treasure.

Although the true importance and role of the godparents has been lost, we are still betting on conferring such an important role on the people that are close by, so that they can participate in the upbringing of our children.

How do we choose them?

Most of us will choose sponsors by affinity, but many others will do so by filial commitment. However, what we have to take into account when choosing a godmother or godfather, is what degree of commitment you have to our child.

If we are going to choose someone who never comes to see him, or someone who does not like children too much, that person will not be able to fulfill his role well.

But if we choose who takes care of the little ones, he calls you to know if they have recovered from their cold, offers to take care of them so you can do your things, etc., that person is compatible with the role of godmother or godfather .

A service of love

The role of a godmother or godfather has been thrashing. We are talking about a service of love and Faith. Godparents are the ones who accompany their godchildren in the way of God.

When we choose sponsors we must think of an initial objective, which is to accompany the children to walk the path of Faith , and to collaborate with the parents to be able to support and channel the child in their life.

The responsibilities of godparents

When a person is chosen godmother or godfather, it is a very exciting time, because he assumes that he is putting all his trust in her. In turn, we are proud to be chosen for such a task.

But we must not forget that as such, they have roles and responsibilities to fulfill, and they are almost indisputable.

1 Give away the best

And here is the great confusion. The best gift does not have to be material. Although we know that godparents give very nice gifts, and in fact we always expect that from them, the truth is that the best gift is Faith and example.

The child can receive hundreds of ostentatious and good gifts in his life, but the one that should make the difference is the gift that you give him. This will be the accompaniment, the motivation, the active listening and the Faith. Talking about God and Christian values ​​will be your mission, and one of the most beautiful experiences.

2 Accompany without substitution

The sponsors or godmothers, as the name implies, are like parents for the children. Sponsorship is a role of accompaniment , where parents are on a par with the raising of children. Without interfering or replacing them, but supporting them.

Accompanying means being present, offering help, assisting children when their parents can not do so, and staying together with the family over the years, for what it may need.

3 Teach by example

For children, godparents and godparents are their role models in life. They have the mission of striving to make it so, and demonstrate in actions what they put into words.

You can talk about God, about Faith, about service and about love. But you must practice what you preach . Children understand everything, and observe everything. The sponsors must be faithful to their beliefs and loyal to their convictions, to transmit this to their godchildren and to teach by example.

4 Being a tie

The godparents and godparents stay close to the family. They will be the link between parents and children when communication between them becomes difficult or when there is some misunderstanding.

That is why the mission of sponsorship is to be with the family to know their dynamics and help when necessary

5 Stay present although there is no friendship with parents

It happens in many families that godparents are chosen by friendship affinity, and over the years that friendship fades. The child then stops seeing his godfather or godmother and this generates a certain uneasiness in the family.

Whatever the reasons why a godmother or sponsor moves away from the family, her mission will always be to stay with her godson , because children are never to blame for the mistakes of adults. You should find a way to strengthen the bond in such a way that no break with your parents breaks the unbreakable bond of a sponsor or godmother with your godson.

If you have been chosen as godmother or sponsor, you have an important mission in the path of life and the faith of your godchild. Let us not forget the true meaning of this task, which is nothing more nor less than a service of love.

Choose the sponsors of your children carefully and assertively , so you can always accompany your child, and so that you have someone to trust and support you in the beautiful way of parenting.

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