5 Horrible Things That Change Forever In Your Man’s Brain, Once He Is Infiel

If you are considering cheating, read this article before it’s too late. When these changes occur it is difficult to go back.

Your marriage has been in shambles for a long time and sadly you are no longer happy. It never crossed your mind to be unfaithful, but without looking for it, you met someone and you are increasingly convinced that they are the true love of your life.

You start talking to him disinterestedly and you feel more attracted to him every day. You know that the feeling is mutual since he has confessed to you that he is also falling in love with you. Now you are in a situation that you never thought you would be in your life. What do you do? What you decide can mark your life and ruin it forever.

If you find yourself in this situation, stop immediately and reflect on what is happening. Even if you feel that this new person is the one, your soulmate, or the one sent by God, you have a family and a husband that you joined in marriage. Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that because you are unhappy your commitment is no longer valid.

According to studies, when a person is unfaithful or is considering being one, they generally act under the influence of chemical and hormonal changes in their brain as powerful and as addictive as narcotics and heroin. In Brain World Magazine, some of these changes that most alter your clear perception of reality are explained:


With the new infatuation you feel, your brain releases highly dangerous levels of dopamine into your system, known as the reward hormone. This hormone makes you feel ecstatic while high, but leaves you feeling empty when your levels drop. For this reason, it is believed that people can become addicted to this increase in dopamine that causes them to be with a new person.


On the other hand, the stage of infatuation by the other person creates a drop in the levels of serotonin, the hormone that is commonly used in medications to combat depression. The reduction in serotonin leaves the person with feelings of discouragement or worry, especially when they are not with the other person.


Like all infatuation, what you feel at this moment will surely be short-lived. Deciding to go through with an infidelity will no doubt fill you with guilt and regret after the infatuation dies.

Live with the memory

Once you decide to be unfaithful, you can never erase that memory from your mind again. Many people choose to return to their partners once the illusion of infidelity is broken, however it is very difficult for them to leave the memories behind and dedicate themselves fully to their family and partner again.

Face the consequences

The consequences of an infidelity are immense. It is very likely that you will lose your marriage, harm your children, lose your personal value, and in some cases even get a sexually transmitted disease. All the consequences after an infidelity last for a lifetime.

Before making a decision, remember that your brain is operating with altered chemical levels that disturb your perception. In other words, you are acting irrationally! If your marriage is bad, instead of seeking a quick and harmful solution with someone else, seek professional help with which you can fix the differences in your relationship. Being unfaithful will never be a good decision.

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