5 Essential Facts To Know About Your Husband’s Lover

Understanding that your husband was unfaithful is already difficult in itself, but what is an obsession for those who have been cheated on are these five things. Do you dare to find out?

Anyone who has been a victim of deception and infidelity knows the storm that arises in the mind and soul. There is pain, confusion, a lot of anger and hundreds of questions that have no answers because no one can give them to you except him: your husband’s lover.

Here are the five most common data among those women who have lived through this terrible experience:

1. The complete story!

The first big question is to know how it happened, at what moment or how the events took place, because it is the only way in which the story will make sense in our head. It must be mentioned: this is very painful for the couple, many tears, guilt, resentments and resentments ensue; But when it comes to facing the problem and resolving the situation, it is necessary that the spouses speak and be as sincere as their prudence and intelligence allow them.

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Men are not very inclined to tell in detail, they are ashamed to have been surprised and admit that they made a mistake, because at some point they enjoyed it, it brought them some emotion, but realizing that in the end they hurt those who love, it is a very drink. difficult; For the injured woman, however, it is essential to know – although not always healthy – to know the details.

2. What does she have that I don’t?

A big question that arises is wanting to know what she is like, how she dresses, what she does and every possible detail, simply to compare yourself with her and try to understand why he fell in love. What did you see that enchanted him to the point of forgetting about his family?

Many women find it highly confusing to discover that “the other one” is neither prettier, nor younger, may even be, from their perspective, “uglier” or not “so intelligent”, and immediately they think of “other abilities indecent feminine ‘.

But the reality is that men who have another relationship alternate to marriage, find “in the other” tranquility, freedom, emotion and, why not say it: emotion and joy, which unfortunately sometimes we wives lose by drowning in routine life From home.

3. How far did you get with her?

Being intimately involved with someone for women means a lot of commitment and intertwining whole lives, but for some men it can be something not so serious and just be a purely physical situation, without commitment or emotions involved.

4. Do you love her?

For the cheated wife, knowing how he feels about the lover is essential. The woman needs to know that this relationship was only an occasional, vain, temporary matter, because it is much easier to forgive and overcome it than knowing that her husband really loves the other person. That is a direct stab to the heart that prevents or makes it much more difficult to move forward.

5. Will they keep in touch?

When the truth and other details come to light and the couple decides to try again and commit again, it is common for the wife to constantly have in her mind the fear that he and she could meet again, get in touch and everything. repeat, but … if this is your case, please put that question out of your mind.

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Surviving an infidelity is possible and many couples not only succeed, but their relationship improves and becomes more solid and unbreakable. If doubts torment you, please trust and forgive, because if you don’t, dear friend, believe me, your life will end in something that is not worth it.

Have faith, believe, trust and follow your heart.

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