5 Creative And Inexpensive Ideas That Will Leave Your Partner Dead In Love

Love can show itself in small and simple things. It is enough that you take the time to do something special, that wants to say: “I care about you, you are the person with whom I want to share this and the next life.”

Sometimes monotony threatens our relationship as a couple, and that is why it is very important to always abound in small details. Forever. Not just on February 14, or at Christmas, or on your couple’s anniversary. It is ALWAYS good to tell your partner that you love him with a detail. Now, we are not always in the economic condition to give great gifts. That is why I share with you these five five little tips. Put them into practice today, and I assure you that this day can be truly memorable:

  1. What music or song reminds you of when you first met, makes you sigh, dedicated to you, or does it just contain all the feeling that burns inside you? Give him that CD or video. You can also photographs that capture moments that you want him to always remember. There are many Internet programs with which you can do it, for example, Movie Maker, which is free and installs in a snap. Send it to your email or to any account you have on social networks. Finally, maybe pack it (wrap it) nicely and place it inside your car; ask an accomplice to leave it on her desk at work or, if you prefer, use traditional mail, which now has a romantic tinge.

  2. Mega romantic dinner. Ask grandparents or anyone you trust to take care of your children that day. Cook something simple; for example, some delicious chicken salad sandwiches, with a healthy drink and for dessert, fruit in pieces with chocolate. If you want to eat indoors, set the table with your best dishes, decorate with flowers from your garden and don’t forget the candles; Or if you prefer on the patio, how about decorating with your Christmas lights? Maybe arrange them in a heart shape; it will surely be a pleasant surprise. The idea is to make it look special. Finally, find a good movie and spend the evening hugging.

  3. Love on paper. If crafts are your thing, waste all your creativity on a card that contains everything you feel for your partner. Remember that what is done by hand is much more appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you have scraps, form a con: paper, pieces of cardboard, buttons, colored threads, etc. use your children’s paints, markers and crayons. Then, in your own handwriting, remind him why he is so special in your life.

  4. Breakfast in bed. How nice it is to wake up and surprise your spouse with something special to eat; They can be toast (toast) with jam, the fruit juice that you like the most, cereal; In short, what you know will be different to start the routine with spirit. All of the above adorned with a flower will be the trigger for love to fire.

  5. Shower together. Save water that day. Have heart-shaped soaps on hand, which you can carefully sculpt yourself; Decorate with candles and have a rewarding and rewarding time. And to close with a flourish, massage yourself with a cream, preferably with vanilla or lavender essence, which have relaxing properties. The idea is that it is a pleasant scent for both of you.

Again, these tips can be applied on February 14, on his birthday, on a weekend … There is no better day than today, rekindle the flame of love! Try to repeat some of these tips every month, because there is nothing better than keeping your partner happy, letting him know that you are always there for him and that, more than his friend, you will always be his wife, his best friend and his love. lifetime.

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