5 Common Mistakes Children Make When Studying

Distractions that may seem “normal” —among other things— prevent children from learning correctly. Read this article and help your children study more effectively.

Remembering my student days will always put a smile on my face: friends, experiences, soccer games … oh yes, and also the exams!

I do not intend to get into educational models that say whether it is good to evaluate or not, much less in the debate of why evaluate different people in the same way. The topic I want to develop is regarding the common mistakes that children and young people have when studying, because between what is one system or another, the exam season falls on us and then we do not know where to run.

These recommendations when studying are based on the teachers (that is, they have a master’s degree) Cristina Baeza Vera and Cecilia Miranda Jaramillo from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, do not think they occurred to me. The errors are as follows:

1. Study as if there is no tomorrow

That is, that you start reading and reviewing topics for a long time (let’s understand a lot for something like more than 4 hours). The brain gets tired and instead of retaining something, after a few minutes you can only see drawings, like the Disney movie Fantasia . The specialists recommend resting 10 minutes for every 45 of study: making a call, walking or watching social networks is worth it.

2. Study at a party

Or, what is the same, with distractions. If you are going to study in the personal room, then you should allocate an area that does not have distractions (such as the telephone), that you do not see posters closely or that you have the television on. If the family has a meeting and you have to study, you have to close the room to stone and mud.

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3. Not seeing the practical side

It is not advisable to learn things by heart, since you will make the process difficult and there will be no real learning. In the case of children, the examples must be passed to a real context, so that nothing else remains in the books.

4. The book is not everything

Teachers, don’t shoot me! Let me explain. Although books will always be the great guides and will never go out of style, studying today must be complemented with other materials such as videos, graphics, audios. Thus children and young people can see that there is a world of letters and learning practically anywhere they go.

5. Plan what to study

We cannot study the evolution of the human being since the Roman Empire. You have to make a map and, as they say, start at the beginning ; It is not to take the first thing we have on hand and then explain to the child that it was not there.

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To finish, I want to give you a technique that I used to study and that I am trying to apply now when learning something new: after trying to memorize the subject, do any activity that is very far from it; If you remember it an hour later, it will never be erased. Take two of those recommendations and bookmark me in the morning.

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