5 Amazing Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids Even When You Don’t Have Time

The quality of time you spend with your children exceeds the quantity. Use these ideas so you don’t waste a second with your little ones.

Most of the moms nowadays feel like we need to have super powers to really hit the jackpot with all the obligations we have on a daily basis. We have to perform in our work, maintain our home, raise children, be aware of their studies, and much more. Within all that, we cannot forget to spend quality time with our little ones. But how do we do it?

While it is true, most moms once could stay home and dedicate themselves totally to their children, but now that is not the case. Today’s mom is multifaceted, and she needs to use her time wisely so she doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to watch her children grow up.

These 5 ingenious tips can help you make the most of your time with your children, and make true of the saying that quality exceeds quantity.

Use every second

Think about every routine thing you do with your children and how you can use that time to connect more with them. For example, if you drive them to school in the morning, instead of listening to the radio while driving, talk to them.

Let them help you

One of the wonders of children is their great desire to do things with you, even if it involves chores. If you come home ready to cook dinner, instead of entertaining them with television, let them be a part of the preparation. Allow them to be involved in all the things you do while you are at home. With a couple of little helpers, not only will they get things done faster, but eventually they’ll have extra time to read a book or talk about their day.

Become artists

A creative way to do something together even while you are apart is to create a mural with your children. Get the largest sheet of paper or cardboard you can find and mount it on a wall.

Tell your children that each day when they come home from school, draw something that represents their favorite part of their day on paper and that you will do the same. Day after day, and in due time, fill the mural with small drawings. Within a couple of weeks or a month, you will have created a great work of art worthy of an exhibition together.

Set a specific time

Perhaps you cannot spend an hour dedicated one hundred percent to your children, but surely you can do it for 15 minutes. Take 15 minutes each night to spend exclusively with each of your little ones. Don’t do anything else during this time other than talk, play, read, or whatever your child wants to do. Trust me, every second counts, and that one-on-one interaction will be invaluable to them.

Exercise together

Do you exercise as part of your routine? Why not do it with your children? To stay healthy you do not need extreme exercises, just one walk a day and your body will thank you. Take your children for a walk with you, and your walks in the open air will be much more interesting, since the little ones pay attention to every detail that adults sometimes go unnoticed.

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