40 Details You Should Have With Your Partner Just Because

You don’t need a special date to say “I love you.” How about trying these details to keep lighting the flame of love between you?

Wake up and find a flower on the nightstand; That detail does make the difference between a normal day and an extraordinary one. But if instead of that, what you find is a note stuck to the refrigerator that says: ” Please, do not forget to buy the milk when you return home “, because the reunion is not really filled with enthusiasm.

Let’s be frank, if something made you fall in love with your partner, it was the details and the attention they had with you. Of course, one does not expect that once a marriage is made, everything is gallantry and courtship; obviously things change, but something that no relationship should let die are the details.

Yes, it is true that after the honeymoon the couple begins to be bombarded by responsibilities. But it is that they should not take control of the relationship, if they do not end up saturating it. There must be a balance to help them deal with routine and responsibilities, and that difference is made through romantic details.

Now, when someone talks about “giving details to his partner”, the first thing that comes to mind is the financial amount or the planning that this is going to refer to. Is not about that too.

Being detailed with your partner has nothing to do with money or planning, less with a special date. It is enough that you really want to keep the flame of love; that will be enough to carry out small acts that show him how much you love him.

Details ideas that you can do to your love just because

Indeed, you can have thousands of details that show your affection without implying money, plans or mental exhaustion. Here I will give you some ideas.

1 A note on her nightstand saying ” I love you .”

2 A special snack to take to work will make him remember you.

3 Say when you say goodbye: “T on a good day, darling .”

4 Call from work just to see how you are.

5 Take your partner by the hand while going for a walk.

6 If you notice his fatigue, a massage is not bad.

7 A glass of water, juice or your favorite drink when you get home from the street.

8 Don’t interrupt while doing what she likes (reading, watching TV, etc.).

9 Highlight all the things he does well.

10 A furtive wink when their gazes meet.

11 Bring him a candy as a gift.

12 Let him continue sleeping and surprise him / her with a breakfast of their choice.

13 Go see that movie you love so much.

14 Do for your partner the chore that he likes least.

15 Invite out to a surprise place.

16 Show genuine interest in their concerns.

17 Just listen and allow yourself to vent all the stress that is weighing you down.

18  Prepare that special lunch or dinner that you love.

19  Prepare the bathtub with hot water after a particularly arduous day; it will always come in handy.

20 Call him / her to come over to you and give him / her a hug.

21 Without her knowing it, on a special day give her that gift that she has always secretly wanted and has never dared to ask for.

22 Do you remember that detail you had with him / her when you were dating and he / she liked it so much? Put it into action again!

23 On any given night, put on romantic music and ask him to dance.

24 If you decide to diet, join in your “sacrifice.”

25 Do what he or she never expects you to do but yearns for.

26 If you tend to criticize a hobby he has, stop doing it and look for the positive side of it just so you don’t torture him with complaints.

27 At night when the children are asleep, invite her / him to bathe together.

28 Change the bed sheets and put a little perfume or «water for linens» (scent for clothes) so that the rest is relaxed.

29 Steal a kiss.

30 Hold him / her while they sleep.

31 Don’t expect him / her to always look for the first physical contact.

32 Send her funny messages while you’re not together just for the fun of making her laugh.

33 Look at your love intensely and convey all your affection to him, (you can awaken many things just by looking at him in that special way).

34 Talk about everything, even if it’s the dumbest things in life.

35 Write them little poems that let them know how much you love them (even if you don’t really have writing skills).

36 Show yourself happy and she / he will be happy.

37 Be grateful.

38 Be honest always.

39 If you must say something that you know he will not like, be wise in doing so.

40 Acknowledge your faults, be humble, and ask for forgiveness with the firm intention of never committing that fault again.

Why are details so important in a relationship?

They are important because they not only show affection, they show genuine interest towards your partner. The details tell your spouse that you know they have needs, that you acknowledge your faults, and see their talents, effort, and sacrifices.

Being able to say I love you through a message or a note, to do something that is not expected, to sacrifice in favor of the other, for some people takes effort. It is difficult for them because they believe that the manifestations of love are only necessary at the moment of conquest; that leads to these demos being in the background, which is a serious mistake.

Those details, which many believe are simple everyday acts, even if you don’t believe it, can say a lot to your spouse. Tell me that the fact that he arrives tired from work and washes the dishes, puts the dishes away and tidies up the kitchen entirely without you asking, isn’t that a nice detail? Many don’t even know. Tell me that the fact that he offers to give you a back rub before you go to sleep is not pleasant? Those things make a difference.

It is not that “it is part of your obligation because then why did you marry me? »Friend, my friend, in a relationship nothing is an obligation. If that person is with you, it is because they want to, not because they are forced to.

The details are that extra that alters the marriage routine, that puts that daily amount of affection necessary so that they know that they love each other and that you are someone irreplaceable. Put some of those details into action and whatever comes to mind and surprise your love; you will see how things will improve between the two.

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