4 Wrong Reasons To Get Married

You are getting married to be a couple, not to have one. There is a big difference between someone who only wants a body to hug, and someone who seeks it to love.

Currently it is possible to observe how relationships have become polarized, since while on the one hand there are people who are willing to live together but without committing themselves to marriage, on the other hand there are those who get married without any real commitment to their partner. In both cases, neither seems willing to pay any price for love.

I do not know which of the two scenarios is more objectionable, if those who want to enjoy leaving the door unlocked in order to escape at the slightest provocation, or those who do not give the “key” any guarantee of security. Finally, it seems that both cases make you feel that your love is not strong, authentic and much less lasting. And it is that, from my humble opinion, what happens is that you do not have the slightest idea of ​​what it means to be married and much less of what it means to carry out a marriage.

It seems that the new generations were badly advised by those who preceded them, since generally the fear of being in a relationship comes from seeing badly managed relationships, where problems are hidden under the rug and tears are secretly wiped away in the bathroom. Relationships that were imposed in many cases by hasty or poorly founded decisions, which were undermining the credibility of the marriage and the desire of the new couples to try.

It is for this reason that I want to share with you some of the reasons why the decision to marry is sometimes made, these arguments being unsound and insufficient to maintain a stable relationship. Arguments that do not apply to get to the marriage:

1. Get married to get your shirts washed or given for spending

Deciding to get married implies the desire to maintain a bond with a person with whom you identify in your goals, your tastes and feelings, since that means that they will accompany you on the path of what we call life. Saying “yes” assuming that this will make your life easier, is a mistake and nonsense.

2. Get married so you are not alone

If you are afraid of loneliness, I recommend that you adopt a pet, since there is no worse loneliness than that of being accompanied. This feeling weighs much more in empty souls than in uninhabited spaces, so don’t bet your emotional stability on someone else’s company.

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3. Get married for the children

It would be best if you never faced such a situation, as that would indicate that you did things a bit backwards from how they should be. Giving a child a home without love can be a punishment and children are not to blame for it. The best thing is to think things through and be responsible for not reaching this stage.

4. Get married to have a partner

You are getting married to be a couple, not to have one. There is a big difference between those who only want a body to hug and those who seek it to love. Never go after a body to possess, these kinds of incentives will soon discover that they are temporary.

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To be married is to create families, establish homes, stop being a branch to be a root and a trunk, so it is a serious thing that should not be taken lightly. A marriage is for you to become the partner of another; in a mother or father, in a shelter, in a trustworthy, generous and committed person with their own decisions and feelings and also that of your partner. A marriage that doesn’t do these things to you is a marriage that you don’t have to work hard to achieve.


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