4 Tips To Face The Dreaded Age Of 40

Much is said about the age of 40 as if it were an obligatory stage in which there must be deficiencies and reprehensible attitudes in people, but this stage is not as they paint it.

The age most feared by people is that of 40 years, because it is possible to make a count of what has been done throughout life. Some feel the longing for being young, fed up with the monotony of their life, lack of interest in doing things, apathy, change in body, physical ailments, boredom from family, work or even the same couple, so sometimes you can fall into infidelity.

However, the psychology professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne of the University of Massachusetts Amherst affirms that this crisis does not occur because of age itself, rather it is a “social concept”, so it will depend entirely on the person. For this reason, it can be inferred that many of the things that are done in this stage are caused by oneself and taken as a “pretext” to justify some actions.

What can be done in the age of 40?

1. Change

It’s time to make changes of all kinds: your image, family activities, outings with your husband, conversation topics, exercise, food, everything you can think of! The point is that you look for a way to break that monotony that can be incurred without realizing it, both with your activities as a couple, and with the children even at home.

2. Couple time

It’s time to save up for an outing and relive all those moments of infatuation and passion that were on “hiatus” for a while. So find some options that fit your budget and time, choose both! Research other places or activities that you can go and do together that you both enjoy and enjoy your relationship one hundred percent!

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3. Strengthen your marriage

It is important that after several years, that admiration for your partner remains as strong as when you met him and in the same way, that you let him know. Remind him of what you have achieved together during the years that you have been together, the achievements of your children, the personal steps that each one has achieved, the professional ones (promotions, job change) and also the material things that they have achieved.

4. Communicate with your partner

Communication should always be present in all relationships and more in these stages of life that can affect or benefit both. Therefore, they should comment on what they feel and think about this stage in which there may be confusion. Make a count of the successes and failures in your relationship propose changes that can benefit you.

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Do not let this age worry you, better take care of it and take it as a warning that it is time to make changes in your marriage. It is said a lot that it is a complicated age, but you know that this is not a rule; it is up to you to break with this scheme. They have already gone through the stage where children are in the foreground for everything, it is time for you and your husband to put another twist on your relationship. The age of 40 should be an ally, not an enemy. Take advantage of your age, freedom, experience and maturity to be happier.

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