4 Symptoms That You Are With A Man Who Only Takes You To The Clouds With Promises He Will Never Keep

Promises and promises are the techniques that most men use to win love and profit from women. Discover these symptoms in time to avoid a love disappointment.

There are many tactics that men use to make a woman fall in love, the most common is hearing that the moon and the stars lower you with romantic phrases to fall into their arms. They are usually great for promising a life full of happiness, just to achieve their goals which is to have you.

One of the characteristics that women have is to fall in love with these types of actions, promises and romantic phrases, we are given to create illusions, hopes to feel happy, loved, desired and special. Sometimes when the love relationship is strengthened and a real commitment is reached, it is when we realize that some promises were false illusions and that is when conflicts arise.

There are some men who are liars to achieve intimacy with women, after that, you leave them abandoned, hurt, full of doubts and confusion. It usually occurs when they are men who do not want to have a commitment and do not know how to love.

How to spot these men who just want fun?

1. When you discover an infidelity

Usually these men will always promise you that they will “never cheat on you again,” “it will be the last time they will,” “They love you madly and don’t want to lose you.

But in reality, they are people who only seek to satisfy their biological needs and do not think about having commitments, they only want you to accept their proposal for intimacy, it can be for one night, months, years, they can even start a family, however His only motivation is his hormones, causing him to cheat on you many times.

Although love is blind, sometimes you must be very alert when you discover your partner is infidel. Do not let it pass and better contact her, ask for help with a specialist to overcome her conflicts as a couple.

2. When men are very romantic at first meeting

Sometimes it often happens that men love to woo the woman, make her feel in the clouds with romantic phrases and actions. Although love at first sight is real at times, it is very rare that he can know everything about you without giving the opportunity to time.

If you know a man who when he sees you is flirtatious, romantic and promises to “make you happy forever” and lowers the moon and stars, be careful, he can only be pretending to get your attention.

Successful love relationships take adequate time to get to know each other, don’t rush, but you want to be disappointed. These men are often afraid of losing their freedom and you will never get to know their family.

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3. Just looking to make a profit

They are men who are only interested in knowing how much you earn, what you study, where you live, who your friends are, if you have a car, if you work and so on. They only think of taking advantage of something for their benefit.

They are usually very kind, friendly and sociable, they seek to have an immediate commitment to hook you and take advantage of money. Some women commit to them, because they actually love them and are able to keep them for life.

These men always promise that they will “find a job to take care of the family finances,” or that they will “do a business one day.” They become the victims of the situation. But in reality they are only with you to live on your achievements.

4. Fear of overcoming women

They are terrified of the idea that you look outside the home for what they offer you, they do not want to see that you are capable of being independent and successful. Usually, they do not prohibit you from reaching your goals and dreams to improve yourself professionally, but they will never help you and will hinder you from abandoning your goals.

They make promises such as “next year you can study or work, if you want to”, “it is better to be at home, but if you want I will help you find something to distract yourself”, and so days, months, years and not can go by. they keep their promises.

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Detect in time these symptoms that you are with a man who only takes you to the clouds with promises that he will never keep, just to obtain his own benefit.

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