4 Simple Ways To Know If God Is Trying To Speak To You Through Your Dreams

If you are interested in knowing how God is seeking to communicate with you, you should definitely read this.

Since the beginning of time, the human being has manifested the supreme need to speak with God and that he speak to him. Due to the spiritual aspect that exists in the nature of men and women, it has become essential to find a way to maintain constant communication with him.

Prayer – which for many of us is the way to be in spiritual contact with this wonderful being – helps us convey to him all the positive, negative and challenging situations that arise in our life. In fact, it is through this communication instrument that we can thank or even request a response or solution to these situations.

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However, when it comes to identifying that guidance, help or consolation requested from God, it is complicated – to a greater or lesser extent – to find the way in which he communicates with us. This is because, for God, there are many and diverse ways to contact us. A person, an image, a phrase, a feeling, an impression or even a dream can be just some of the instruments that he uses to touch our lives and hearts.

Now, if in particular you have felt that lately God is seeking to communicate with you through your dreams, here are 4 simple ways to find out.

1. Make a record of your dreams that are repetitive

Even if you do not consider it important, writing down those dreams that are repetitive and that leave a lingering feeling in your heart can be very helpful. Perhaps, through your annotations, you will be able to detect some phrase, person or image -apparently- irrelevant at the time of your dream, but that, when viewing your records, allows you to clarify the solution or answer that God wants to give you.

Remember that for him there are no coincidences, much less coincidences. So do not hesitate to record and analyze all those dreams charged with spirituality that have left in you the feeling that there is something important that you must do or know.

2. Pay attention to the symbolisms that come in your dreams

The world is full of symbolism. Even if you don’t know or distinguish them, they are there permanently. Because God handles himself through them, it is that in many occasions the revelations that he gives you can be loaded with them. This is the importance of keeping a record and placing special emphasis on those details that may seem inconsequential.

Be careful, this is not about you having to discover a secret code or something like that. God is much clearer than you may believe. However, sometimes it will be necessary to focus your attention on these symbolisms or “ordinary details” to understand what God wants to communicate to you.

3. Listen to the messages you hear in your dreams

On more than one occasion, your dreams can reveal an important message that, due to lack of attention or disbelief, you let go unnoticed. It may be that given its simplicity or clarity, you consider it unnecessary to attend to it.

However, you should never underestimate those words or advice that God is giving you in response to what you have requested. Although it is true that, perhaps, not all dreams are a solution or answer to your challenges, many of them can be a comfort or a guide to overcome them with strength.

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So if your heart dictates that you listen to that simple but powerful message that you have received through a dream, do not hesitate to do so.

4. Pray and ask

Just as God gives you the opportunity to communicate with him for help, comfort, or advice, he also allows you to pray to know if your dreams are an answer to your requests. Asking him if that special dream that you had and that has so penetrated your mind and heart, is part of the message he has for you, is undoubtedly the most effective way to know if God is trying to tell you something.

Finally, remember that, as the son or daughter of God that you are, he will always seek to stay in contact with you and show you the great love he has for you.

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