4 Simple Tips To Get Closer To Your Parents

When we grow up and form our own family, we put aside our parents, grandparents, uncles, and other relatives with whom we shared or were present in our childhood, this happens when we go to live in another city or country.

Family and distance

I still remember when I was little and lived with my parents, without great obligations or worries. When my duties to fulfill at that time were to go to school, have all the vegetable soup, do my homework, and sometimes deal with a little brush with my best friend.

I remember that my childhood was marked by many good things, I grew up with the love of my parents and with a grandmother who took great care of us. My brother and I shared free afternoons watching movies or playing a video game. Ah, how I wish to relive that stage of my life! Sometimes I would like to relive and enjoy my childhood. To have the presence of the beings I love the most in this world: My parents.

Just like me, I know that there are many people who want to go back in time and live that wonderful stage in order to escape, even for a moment, from pressure, stress and responsibilities, among other things that absorb us so much today in our lives adult. Reasons that, unfortunately, we use as excuses and that separate us from our loved ones. This time can be converted into days, months and even years.

We complain about the little time we have and we take it as a pretext for not planning a trip and going to stay with a family member, but did our relatives do that when we need them? Of course not. Even if we did not grow up with our parents, it could be an uncle, an aunt, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, who has taken care of you throughout our lives and whom you now have forgotten.

That is why we must become aware and dedicate a little of our time to thank them for how much they have done for us forever. Here I share a few tips:

1. Call them at least once a week

Fact: Your loved ones are happy listening to you. Call them whenever you can, and if it’s daily, much better.

2. Schedule time to be with them

Dedicate a weekend in the month to spend with them, this if they live near your house, if not, plan a trip a year, to share with them.

3. Use technology

Stay in touch with them: today’s technology gives you many options to stay in touch. If that is not your strong suit, overcome fear: give it a try and you will see that you will soon get the most out of these media.

Carpe Diem

Take advantage of the moments that are shared, enjoy to the fullest and show the love you have for them.

If you take these steps into account, you can get closer to your family, enjoy and make up for the time you have lost. You can be a constant drop of honey in the happiness of grandparents.

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