4 Reasons Why The Father Is Important In The Lives Of His Daughters

Don’t think your daughter doesn’t need you: her happiness depends on your active presence. Be his personal hero, but most of all, be his dad.

He prompted me to set goals, when as a child he twirled me in his arms through the air and I yelled, “Louder, please!” I was infected with the pleasure of reading, when she gave me the first storybook and I could hardly take it in my hands. She challenged me to be generous, every time she didn’t charge someone who couldn’t pay for the consultation, saying, “Pay me when I can,” knowing that they never would. She taught me that with will and confidence you can overcome any weakness when you quit smoking. She showed me love with acts, when I discovered that she had all her shoes broken, but she had bought me the best collection of Freud books, for the university. She taught me what fidelity was, the day she cried hugging my dead mother, and she told me: “My companion of all my days and nights has just left.” They told me that I was her last topic of conversation the day she died of a massive heart attack at the bus stop. She lived up to her name: Julius Caesar, she was my favorite hero, she was wonderfully my dad.

If you think that your daughter is not so important, read on and discover how valuable your presence is to her:

1. Time and attention

Pediatrician Meg Meeker has said emphatically, “Don’t make the mistake of spending too little time or paying too little attention to your daughter. You may regret it all your life. Female daughters need to spend time with their father, talk, tell her what is wrong with them, and especially feel safe. All of this requires you to be by her side, even when you are a separated parent with many responsibilities.

2. Anticipated sexuality

When a father is absent from home, or spends long hours away from home, it can have long-term consequences on the sexuality of his daughters. Psychologists Sarah E. Hill and Danielle J. Del Priore found a significant correlation between parental absence and the tendency of their daughters to have an active sexual life at an early age.

According to these researchers, the absence of the father is encoded in the infantile psyche as a message that says: “Men do not last for long”, so that adolescents begin to have an active sexual life at an early age; If your father was not by your side, your partner may not be either. In addition, on an unconscious level, the idea of ​​a pregnancy that would ensure the male presence of that boyfriend at her side can be brewed, something that did not happen with her father. “Young girls can be more sexually liberal after recalling an incident related to the absence of the father. Even in having more dangerous attitudes, such as riding a bike without a helmet and others ”, these researchers affirmed.

3. Protection, emotional and physical stability

Dr Meeker said, “The only way you will eventually distance yourself from your daughter is by losing her respect, failing to address or protect her. If you don’t know how to meet her needs, she will find someone else to do it; And that’s where the problems begin. Don’t let that happen. Teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use are growing every day, but there is also a growing increase in teenagers who run away from their homes, looking outside for what should be at home. Your daughter does not care if you have the latest model car or a bulging wallet, your daughter wants you to be by her side when she cries, when she has problems in her studies or needs to talk about her needs.

4. Trace a path of righteousness

On the other hand, Dr. Meeker also notes: “You only have eighteen brief years before your daughter can decide on her own. If you don’t show her the right way now, she won’t find you later. ” Take her to look at the sea and tell her about God; And if you are not religious, allow both of you to admire the beauty of the universe: spirituality can also be given in silence and contemplation.

Do not think that your daughter woman does not need you, her happiness depends on your active presence.

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