4 Reasons Why Modern Marriage Is Not Working (and How To Fix It)

Modern marriage has no future, discover the reasons in this article.

Why do marriages last less and less time? In recent times the statistics of divorce or separation have increased considerably, this is because modern marriage has no future. With this I am not saying that the figure of marriage in itself is not working but that our modern culture has changed the concept of this union. Discover in this article some very common actions that are destroying the marriage.

We plan the wedding but not the married life

Today most couples spend too much time, money and effort organizing their wedding. They want every detail to be perfect: the ceremony, the banquet, the dress, etc. But they forget that the main purpose of the celebration is the beginning of a new life together as a couple. The party lasts only one day, but the marriage must last a lifetime so it is important that you also take time to plan your future as husband and wife.

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Marriage goes beyond a contract

The contracts arose from very remote times to protect the interests of the people, even when a property is put up for sale it is necessary to sign a contract to ensure from the legal means that both parties comply with the agreement. However, in the specific case of marriage, the spouses must have mutual trust and not visualize their relationship as a contract between two parties, but as a decision, a voluntary alliance in which both agree to love and be faithful unconditionally. lifetime.

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I give you but only if you give me

There is the idea that a relationship should be 50 to 50 where everything is fair and no one receives more than they do not give. For example, if I buy you something, now you have to give me something, or I only treated you well when you behaved properly. We are always keeping score and seeing who tries harder or who gives less. This dynamic may work at first, but over time it can wear down your relationship by creating tension and resentment. That is why I recommend you regulate your relationship under 100 to 100 where both commit to give the best of themselves with their hearts 100% of the time.

Me or us?

Modern culture is characterized by a growing selfishness, people seek only their well-being without worrying about the other. But in marriage it must be different, your goal must be to love your partner. Even the philosopher Seneca describes it perfectly “If you want to be loved, love your first.” Remember to marry with the idea of ​​making your partner happy and making sure that he marries the same ideology, in this way both will fight every day to become happy to each other.

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Married forever?

It is a reality that marriage is not easy at all, there will always be certain difficulties that must be faced and solved as a team. However today couples do not want to strain. Even the phrase I hear the most when someone is getting married is: “If it doesn’t work, there will always be a divorce.” It is sad to see how couples start their married life with the idea of ​​taking the easy way out at the first setback, thinking that divorce will solve their lives. A separation will only generate more conflict, invited you to create solutions and not avoid problems.

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Married life is like a campfire that must be nurtured and preserved every day, the little details make a difference. Remember that true love does not expire with time or conditions. I invite you to live an idea of ​​marriage that may be old but full of real love.


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