4 Lies About Women That Science Installed

They say that the sciences are exact, but apparently their theories about us women are a bit wrong.

Since the beginning of humanity’s time, the role of women has been questioned, as many decided to call it the weaker sex of society. Ignoring the great and important contributions that hundreds of women have made in such important areas as: science, arts, technology, history, research, science and many others that were key to becoming what we know today as society.

Based on this, the writers Silvia García Dauder and Eulalia Pérez Sedeño decided to begin investigating scientific lies about women. Beginning to analyze those theories and claims that gave rise to what we now know as “scientific truths.” The result was so amazing that when they finished they decided to launch a book called “The Scientific Lies about Women” and that broadly shows us the following:

False fidelity to promiscuous men

This theory shows that females are interested in sex only for the purpose of reproduction. Whereas males could distribute their semen through a wide variety of relationships.

However, the surprise was greater when they observed the behavior of the primates and noticed that the females could mate with several males at the same time so that all provided and looked after their progeny.

Inferior Women

This claim and “scientific truth” came to light after Charles Darwin laid the foundations for biology as a science.

But throughout the study, it was seen that the Victorian era greatly influenced their statements, since in those years it was believed that women enjoyed an intellectual and social inferiority.

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“Darwin was convinced of the mental difference between the two sexes and of the subjugation of the” weak “sex to the strong one”, both authors explain.

And it is that for him the masculine traits were courage, energy, reason and imagination, while when referring to females he only limited to saying that they were intuitive and maternal, so they worked better in the private area.

Different brains, different categories

Although thanks to science we have learned that they have a larger amygdala or that they have an 11% larger brain and that women have more gray matter. This does not allow to elaborate 2 different categories as we were led to believe for years.

Well, current research has shown that within people of the same sex, there are differences that are usually greater than those detailed above. So it is impossible to categorize into 2 different classes: male and female brain.

Hysteria is caused by the uterus

Yes, as you read. Hippocrates and Plato argued that hysteria was the predominant mental illness in women and was caused by a wandering uterus. Yes, wandering, because it was believed that it could walk all over the body causing all kinds of havoc on the body of women. Based on these facts, the doctor Galen attributed these symptoms to abnormal sexual functioning, which he classified as “hysterical suffocation” and terrible surgical techniques were used to combat it.

These are just some examples of the interesting theories that authors García and Pérez were able to study in depth to begin to demystify. It goes without saying that if you are looking for an interesting book, it is necessary that you add this title to your collection.

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