4 Lessons You Can Learn From Cats That Will Make You More Beautiful

Let me share with you the lessons in health, beauty, self-esteem and strength that I have learned from my cats.

I don’t just like cats, I love them! Raising and caring for them has taught me many things. A lot of them have to do with us women, so if you will allow me the comparison between felines and women, maybe we can get some good life lessons by observing cats:

1. Exercise and elasticity

One of the first things women should do when they wake up is stretch! In the morning, many of us run to school with the children, eat breakfast, work and often there is no time to exercise. If this is your case, once you open your eyes when you wake up, take a few minutes and stretch your entire body. Imagine that you are a cat and try to emulate its stretching.

This simple practice “wakes up” your muscles and helps you strengthen all of your joints. Standing next to your bed, continue stretching with calm and pleasure. This simple routine can take 5-10 minutes. While bathing, do some push-ups and enjoy the water; This will not only keep your body flexible, it will also lift your spirits and start your day with a pleasant perspective.

Get in shape with the help of technology

2. Grooming and beauty

Have you noticed that cats constantly groom themselves? In fact, it is known that a kitten that fails to take care of itself, to stay clean, is sick or something happens to it. We must be attentive to our personal presentation and constant grooming. Each of us has a larger sphere of influence than we imagine. At home, at work, wherever you go there is someone who watches you and feels encouraged and empowered by what you do, by what you say and also by how you look.

You don’t need expensive clothes or spending a lot of time in a beauty salon to put on makeup, no. The great secret is summed up in good personal hygiene and not abandoning yourself. Also, do you know something? you feel so much better yourself when you groom yourself and feel pretty.

3. Less is better

One of the characteristics of cats is their elegance and discretion. Whether at work or in any other activity you do, these two characteristics can be very useful. When our way of dressing is modest, discreet and simple, many good things happen. Avoid wearing too much of everything, you know, ends are not convenient.

Your makeup, scent, dress and hairstyle speak of who and, like it or not, the way they see you, they treat you. I firmly believe that all human beings should have the freedom to dress the way we want and be respected, but the reality is that our way of dressing and our good manners make a difference in the treatment we receive.

My daughter and her yellow bikini

4. Independence and autonomy

If there’s a pet that doesn’t need you to get on with its life, it’s a cat. We need our family, friends and our peers to live harmoniously. But, equally, here is an interesting learning: each woman must come to feel and be able to live by and for herself, even if we are married.

This translates into being able to earn money, to produce some good, to be in a position to help others, and to survive on our own. Often, women get ahead alone when life circumstances require it, but things change radically when we talk about emotional or affective independence. Reaching psychological and emotional self-sufficiency is a tough job, but essential for every woman.

Learn to be an independent person

I sincerely hope that these little recommendations can help you a little to continue being the incredible woman that you already are. And when a kitten crosses your path, take a good look at it and remember what we have learned today.

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