4 Inevitable Problems That Only The Strongest Marriages Overcome, Is Yours One Of Those?

It is possible that your marriage has gone or is going through one of these inconveniences. Discover the best way to deal with them and enjoy it to the fullest.

EVERY MARRIAGE HAS PROBLEMS. The above statement is 100 percent true and true; It does not matter if you have or know a married couple with 50 years of marriage and they seem like boyfriends, at some point in their lives together they have gone through one or all of the conflicts that I will expose below. The difference between them and those who have not reached 10 years of union because they decided to divorce is that the first ones HAVE KNOWN TO OVERCOME THOSE BACHES OF THE ROAD.

It is healthy for a marriage to have problems and these will arise whether you like it or not, since it is made up of 2 completely different beings. Be suspicious when you hear of relationships that are several years old and are told they have never had a problem. There, one of the two has spent half of their marital life hiding what they feel and think, but at some point the situation will explode and in the worst way.

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It is more than healthy for a loving couple to have problems, because if they are sufficiently committed to each other they will overcome them, and from that point on, their relationship will grow and become stronger.

Based on the above, below I will expose 4 of the most common problems in the first years of marriage that couples must overcome in order to strengthen themselves and achieve a fuller and happier marital life.

1. Lack (or bad) of communication

More than being about communication skills such as the ability to say the things that you feel and think wisely, it is about CONFIDENCE. Being able to open up to the other person and be understood and respected even if you don’t agree. Finding a fair means that makes them feel satisfied and that they are actually getting to know the person with whom they chose to share their life.

Trust is something that should be encouraged from the very beginning of the relationship. With that covered, it can be said that the struggle to move forward in times of adversity, jointly or individually, will be much easier because you know what the other’s reaction will be and that neither of you will be hurt at all.

2. Commitment

Commitment goes hand in hand with responsibility. It is not just a question of “giving the floor and fulfilling”, it is the broad fact of trusting that the other is capable and wants to make an effort to improve and move the relationship forward; that he is not going to leave marital responsibility to just one of the parties, because if this happens, a good future does not await that relationship.

The lack of interest in the relationship as in the other person can be noticed from the courtship. So if you are one of those people who believes that ‘with all the strength of your love’ you will be able to move forward in the relationship, I am sorry to tell you that your marriage is destined to fail because in the end you will get tired of carrying the burden alone.

3. Financial problems

This is a situation that causes marriages to be on the line. For example, deciding if both are going to work and be providers or if only one of the parties will be the one that provides the family’s monetary well-being can be truly an ordeal (not to mention when, by chance in life, who sustains household loses job).

The idea here is that they reach a middle ground. Share expenses if you both work, have personal savings accounts and a joint account for job loss; add a fund for the education of the children… all these details should be dealt with from the very beginning of the relationship so that moments of uncertainty do not take anyone by surprise.

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4. Fight for power

It seems strange but yes, in many relationships there is a tacit confrontation over who has control in his hand. In a marriage who is imposed loses the respect of the other, and after a while their affection.

From the moment of deciding to unite their lives, they must understand that it is not a question of who commands whom, but that they must understand that it is a company where the two will have different but equally important roles to keep it going.

I hope you have been able to understand that each and every one of those points support each other, these are the secrets that keep the trunks of the happiest, longest-lasting and most stable couples you know.

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