4 Dangerous Personalities To Be Watch Out Of (does Your Partner Have These Traits?)

The FBI helps you identify the men you must flee from at any cost.

To be honest, the world is populated with good people and wolves in sheep’s clothing. These wolves are generally very skilled people who know how to hide who they really are. These people are extremely dangerous, especially if you don’t know what they are hiding.

The book Dangerous Personalities by Joe Navarro, a behavioral supervisor with extensive experience in the subject, describes the traits of these personalities in detail. Navarro is also one of the founders of the FBI’s Behavior Analysis program, and he applied his vast experience and knowledge to this book.

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Psychology Today published an article in which through an interview with Navarro they highlight the main characteristics of these dangerous personalities that can go unnoticed until it is too late.

How to differentiate a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing?

«I want to emphasize that these characteristics should not be used to label people. The correct use of this list is: The more of these behaviors you observe, the more attention you should pay. You must recognize that the more serious or more they increase, the more chances that this person will victimize you physically, emotionally, mentally or financially ”, highlights Navarro.


  • Expect to be treated like someone special and given priority.

  • Use your words and actions to raise your own value before others, or use these same elements to lower those around you.

  • He only cares about the people around him if they can help him or be of some use

  • They can’t listen unless what you are saying is important to achieving one of their purposes.

  • He tends to try to control the people around him and demands loyalty from everyone.

  • He does not show guilt or remorse when he does something wrong.

  • He does not care what is fair or do justice; inspires you by what gives you advantages.

Emotionally unstable personality

  • He needs to be the center of your attention, he demands constant security, that they take care of him, protect him, he constantly needs you to give him guarantees of what you feel for him or her. He does not know how to deal with abandonment and will make all kinds of threats so that they do not leave him.

  • He likes to play victim or princess all the time to get his way.

  • Love relationships with these types of people are a roller coaster ride, extremely unstable. When you are with a person with this type of personality, you can never relax, on the contrary, you never know what it will come out of you in a while.

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  • He overreacts badly when something makes him angry.

  • Enjoy fights to the point that something that should last a few minutes can last half a day.

  • Their moods are so unstable that to know whether or not you can talk to these types of people, you must first know if they are in the right frame of mind.

  • It is very common for you to change your feelings for a person between love and hate from one minute to the next.

Paranoid personality

  • He is suspicious of everything and everyone, even what is obvious and right in front of him.

  • Highly moralistic and love to pass judgment on others.

  • He tries to strictly control the actions of his family.

  • He is very private, keeps secrets from everyone and suspects that everyone does the same.

  • He is extremely spiteful. It can hold against you something you ‘supposedly’ did to it years ago.

  • You are never to blame for your failures, everything bad that happens to you is someone else’s fault.

Predatory personality

  • Take advantage of everyone you can. He does not hesitate to say or do anything to use others to achieve everything with the slightest effort. It basically behaves like a parasite that uses others to obtain food, shelter, money, sex, status, etc.
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  • He makes comments about how he has a bad or ‘devilish’ side.

  • Without feeling any guilt, he is capable of putting those around him in financial trouble or physical danger.

  • They are usually cold and calculating, but they know how to be nice and seductive when they need it.

  • They lie all the time and even enjoy lying.

  • They are arrogant and think they are an eminence.

Navarro explains that these traits are not always so obvious, “usually if the behaviors bother you, it is because the other person is breaking the limits of normal behavior,” explains Navarro.

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