30 Years Are The Best To Be A Mother

Learn the reasons why many women decide to be mothers in their 30s.

Most of us women want to become mothers at some point in life. Either because of the maternal instinct that distinguishes us or because of the illusion of having a baby as a result of the love we feel towards our loved ones.

We know that making the decision to become a mother is not something to be taken lightly. Since it involves many responsibilities and obligations for a lifetime. It even involves sacrifices that turn into blessings and satisfactions.

Children are demanding, I mean the quality time that must be devoted to them, to ensure a good upbringing. Therefore the age to conceive a baby is relevant and very important.

According to a study published in Public Health, it states that women should schedule pregnancy around 30 years, because they tend to live longer. In addition, other studies and the media assure in their research that women are better prepared to solve problems and further develop their mental abilities.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Control of emotions

In a  research  it made known how the ability to control emotions moves from an area of the brain to another as adolescents mature into adults.

For this reason, we can say that from the age of 30, some women have learned to control their emotions. For example, they can identify the times when they lose patience.

2. They have more financial and emotional stability

Women in their 30s are supposed to have met their goals and objectives. This makes them more financially stable. Even the records do not lie, we can consult it on the Economist page , where there is a record of the increase in women in the labor market at the beginning of 2018.

Also, when women feel more financially stable and have a strong relationship with a loved one, they are more likely to think about motherhood.

3. Greater confidence and security

Women come to feel more confidence and security in themselves, since they will feel more prepared to face motherhood.

4. Reinforce love in the relationship

When you love a person, the most usual thing is that you want to have a baby as a symbol of eternal love. Upon reaching the age of 30, the relationship as a couple is solid and stronger. Therefore, it will be the best stage to be able to fulfill the illusion of being parents and starting a family.

5. Your body is better prepared to conceive

The experts point out that the fertility of men decreases after 35 years. For that reason, thinking about having a child at age 30 is the perfect age. 

In addition, studies ensure that a woman’s body is ready to conceive between the ages of 14 and 30. Since it is in the stage that favors fertility. There is even less chance that the future baby will be born with congenital complications.

6. You feel more secure to face parenting

Usually, when you turn 30 your goals are realized, speaking emotionally and financially. Therefore, that will give you the opportunity to focus body and soul in raising your child.

The psychologist Juan José Vargas   assures that “the mother faces motherhood with a more consolidated financial solvency and therefore knows better what she wants to form her family. While she and her partner feel safer to face their child’s education and see their care as compensation and not as a burden ”

Being a mother not only fulfills the maternal or reproductive instinct, it goes further. It is about being able to give life to another human being. Honestly, I don’t think words can explain the wonderful feeling of a mother having a child. Therefore, she enjoys being a mother to the fullest.

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