3 Ways To Appreciate Our Efforts At The End Of The Day As Mothers

Sometimes as mothers we do not feel satisfied with what we have done during the day, we feel that we have not done anything. The reality is that, big or small, our efforts are the only thing our family needs.

If you are one of the mothers who at the end of the day feel that they have done nothing, that they are not making a difference, and that they have not been productive, most likely this article is for you. As mothers we sometimes have the tendency to look down on the things we do during the day, we have an idea in our head of how the perfect mother behaves, and what she does during the day. In short, we have a vision of an impeccable home, us in detail arranged, our children neat and well behaved, food made entirely at home and never bought, a perfect performance, in a nutshell. The reality is that few – if any – can do all of these things on a daily basis and stay sane.

So if you want to maintain this sanity, which is lost when we try to do the impossible, it is time to learn to appreciate your efforts, whether they are big or small. When we learn to value what we do during the day’s routine, it is much easier to enjoy our role as mothers as well as the company of our little ones. In the same way, valuing our efforts helps us to feel confident about ourselves and our potential. Here are three tips that can help you combat those debilitating feelings and feel more satisfied with yourself at the end of the day.

List the things you have done during the day

This step helps mothers who are especially depressed by helping them to really see all the things they have done. This step includes absolutely all your actions. Not only those that you consider important, but it includes everything from getting out of bed, to feeding your children, or accompanying them to the bus stop to go to school among other things. This exercise really helps us see how much we are doing during the day, and that no mother has done anything in the evening.

Recognize the things you do during the day that cost you work

As mothers sometimes we do things that we really do not want to do, either due to lack of motivation, because we feel tired, or because we have never liked doing them, but we do them anyway. When you are doing a task that you don’t like, take the opportunity to congratulate yourself that you are doing it anyway. Being a mom is a role that is full of tasks of this type, and that implies that at some point or another we are not only being productive but also doing something that would be much easier to avoid.

Appreciate your little efforts

With all the responsibilities that we have as mothers, it is easy to fall into the trap that we have to do all of this perfectly. Don’t believe this lie, appreciate the little things you do, even those that are imperfect in your eyes. For example, if the day has been difficult and you are exhausted and you buy pizza for dinner, do not feel that you have failed as a mother; on the contrary, feel proud that even in the face of so much stress and exhaustion you find a way to feed your family. Remember that your little efforts are not only important but essential for your family.

Perfection is an illusion, but it is an illusion so real that sometimes it does not allow us to feel satisfied with who we are as mothers and what we contribute to the family. Decide today whether it is big or small, what you contribute is important; that you are essential in your home and that, therefore, your efforts have a merit that cannot be paid for, measured, compensated for. Remember while you are getting ready to go to sleep, and you are thinking about what you did that day, that your greatest effort, even if it is small in your thinking, will always be the only thing your family will receive.

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