3 Things You Must Do So That Your Husband Never Forgets Your Anniversary

One of the main reasons for anger in the couple is the husbands forgetting for special dates. Find out here what you should do to remedy it.

Hello girls! A friend greeted at the reunion cafeteria. A little sad, she confessed to us: «I wasn’t sure about coming because today is my tenth wedding anniversary and I thought my husband had a surprise for me but, as always, he forgot. Every year is the same: I get excited when the date approaches, and he does not remember. I wait until the other day to see if he says something to me, but nothing. I get mad, I don’t talk to him all day until he realizes. At first I make myself beg for a while saying ‘nothing’s wrong with me’, waiting in vain until I get tired and ask him the date. The worst thing is that it doesn’t even hit him! Until I remind him. He apologizes several times, he asks me what I want as a gift, if he makes me eat, if I want us to go out somewhere or he runs off to buy me an improvised bouquet of flowers and he promises that next year we will celebrate it without I tell you … but every year, it’s like watching the same movie. I already know it ».

Javier de Felipe, a research professor at the Cajal de Circuitos Corticales laboratory at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, affirms that although biological differences are present between men and women, they are not the reason why gentlemen forget family celebrations but rather Rather, it is due to their education. This does not mean that important dates for your memory (such as the wedding anniversary) are not really important to them, but simply that the male brain considers that they do not deserve a privileged place.

It should be noted that not all men miss important dates; If you are one of these lucky ones whose husband does remember them, I congratulate you! If not, I invite you to read these strategies so that your husband does not forget anything again.

1. Memories

Days or weeks before that holiday, you can take on the task of looking for some souvenirs (photos, gifts, letters, anecdotes, etc.) that you can show him and comment on how long these objects have been with you.

2. Plan the event

Depending on the anniversary or celebration, you can also agree with it and plan together how and where to celebrate it. Preferably you yourself think about some options taking into account their times.

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3. Messages

If you are one of the women who like to be more detailed, I recommend that you send her text messages, stick some fluorescent sheets with clues in places that you know she can see without problem or show her that wardrobe that you are destined to wear for that day so special without telling you which.

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Avoid getting angry about these types of situations, it is better that you talk to him and share how important it is for you to commemorate certain days and, if you can help him a little with some strategies, even better! I assure you, they will have fun with these details and it will help them strengthen their relationship.


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