3 Things You Must Do So That Your Child Is Not A Childish Adult

Are your teens crying out for you to treat them like adults? Then demand that they behave like one. Read this article to learn more about how to do it.

Reaching adulthood is something that happens almost without realizing it and it comes not when you reach the time politically recognized as the age of majority, which differs in each country, but when you become aware that you are responsible for yourself in all aspects of life.

A little bit of me

I clearly remember my transition from a teenager to an adult and it happened when I entered my freshman year of college. I had not left home like other teenagers do, I stayed in the same city where I had lived all my life, but something in me had changed. It was as if a blindfold was ripped off my eyes, as if my entire past life had been a hoax – which it was not – and suddenly I had fallen into an abyss – of gigantic dimensions – called reality.

Not that my teenage life had been easy, from any point of view, however, what was presented in front of me was new and strange, it took me completely out of my comfort zone. With this, I began to realize that life was not how I had perceived it before, but that now many things depended only on my strength and ability to adapt to a new world occupied mostly by people older than me and what, if he didn’t do it quickly, he would have to bear the consequences of being afraid.

Risks of being a “child” in an adult world

When it happens that a young person continues to behave as a child in an adult world, people come with much more “experience” and abuse the naivety of that boy or girl, involving them in practices that make them lose control of their lives and do not assume responsibility for their actions, thus supporting themselves in their immaturity.

For this reason, it is completely necessary for parents to educate their children from a young age to assume responsibility for their actions and decisions, in this way, they will prevent their children from getting lost in an immediate world full of deception.

For the same reason, I will share three aspects to take into account in the education of your children to avoid regrets for their actions in adulthood.

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1. Let him choose for himself from a young age

It is very healthy that from a very young age, you allow your child to choose his clothes, his toys. As he grows, he allows his responsibility and his participation to increase with respect to things that have to do with his life, but always under your supervision, since it requires you to correct and guide him before any matter that may get out of control.

Assign him responsibilities at home in the same way and make him fulfill them. Not only will that give you the tools to become more independent as you grow older, it will give you the power to discover what you do and do not want out of your life.

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2. Guide him about the good and bad in life

For this it is necessary that you speak very clearly with your child about life. As the children grow, they manage to perceive how real and raw life can be, so it is necessary that from a young age – and, of course, at their level – you answer their doubts and guide them regarding sexuality, drugs , your future studies, the boys, the girls and everything you may ask. You always need to answer with complete sincerity.

Never forget that what you do not clarify at home, your child can find out on his own and his sources can become very unreliable.

3. Encourage him to get out of his comfort zone

Encourage him to take risks, practice new sports, make friends and even take small trips alone, of course taking the necessary precautions, that way he will understand and enjoy the responsibility of freedom, the power to choose and little by little he will learn to walk alone, but with the mental guidance that you have cultivated since childhood.

Every young person must learn to take responsibility for their choices; to assume the consequences of them. To a large extent, it is what will help you overcome the trials and tribulations of life, and that will depend on what you have learned at home, during your childhood and adolescence.

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