3 Things You Do As A Woman, But That Your Husband Is Too Nervous To Tell You That They Hurt Or Bother Him

These 3 behaviors of women are usually done without realizing that they are hurting their partner …

Married life is a constant challenge, there are many proofs of love that must be shown to the loving couple. Tolerance, respect, patience are essential factors for good communication.

However, it sounds too simple, but it is not. We all have good days, where everything is wonderful and we radiate tranquility, positivity and a good attitude towards life. But other days, they are not as good as expected and the mood declines, turning our personality into a being totally out of control.

Despite the fact that we all suffer from different moods during the day, we have to stay alert, since there are certain behaviors that can harm the couple, without realizing it, and more if these attitudes are constantly reflected.

One of the characteristics of some men is that when something bothers or dislikes their wife, they communicate it directly, clearly and bluntly, which, for some women, that attitude can hurt them and hurt their self-esteem, since they lack tactics to say things.

It is important to always set boundaries in the marriage from the beginning, so that there are no unnecessary conflicts. However, as we all evolve, needs also change and for this reason, if you do not communicate your new needs to your partner, he may be afraid to tell you what really bothers him about your attitudes.

There are three attitudes that some women do that make their husbands totally nervous and they don’t know how to tell them, so as not to hurt their feelings.

1. When the woman is flirtatious

It is natural that women love to flirt, it is something that characterizes us, that makes us feel beautiful, attractive and sensual. This does not mean that we do it all the time and with the aim of seeking infidelity. On the contrary, it is a way to raise self-esteem, security and confidence.

Some husbands do not like their wife to be flirtatious, since it puts their security and stability at risk. It can be a risk that your wife is besieged by many men and this of course makes the couple nervous. Several questions arise such as: How do I tell my wife not to behave in that way? Is it part of your personality and I don’t want to suppress it?

Always communicating in an assertive way, without claims and in a harmonious way, is the solution not to hurt or cause a conflict.

2. When the woman is careless

There are many factors why some women tend to neglect their physical appearance in marriage. It may be due to the burden of responsibilities, obligations, work or simply because you are going through a stage of depression.

Some men are scared and too nervous to tell their woman that the time has come for her to take care of herself and begin to fix herself so as not to lose attraction and passion in the relationship.

I say this from experience, my husband clearly told me that he needed me to groom myself more, just like when we were dating. There are subtle ways to tell a woman to look after her appearance, without hurting her feelings. Surprise her with a new dress, makeup, give her money to visit a beauty salon and change her look.

3. When the woman only dedicates herself to the children

It is normal for the woman to be the pillar for the care of the children. Sometimes it becomes a priority forgetting that the partner also has needs. Men are nervous about telling their wives that they wish they had more quality time to strengthen love in marriage.

Sometimes men feel displaced by the love of their children. So it is important that your woman knows your feelings so that they can solve the problem.

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Women think differently from men, therefore, some behaviors that we usually do, do not have the objective of harming the person we love. Remember that always the confidence to be able to express yourself with your partner is important to have a stable, lasting and happy marriage.

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