3 Terrible Consequences That Stress Produces On Your Skin

Not sure what to do to improve the appearance of your skin? If you have these symptoms, this is what is happening to you and this is the solution.

The effects of stress on the skin

I usually measure the level of my stress when I look at myself in the mirror, and I observe my skin in detail. One of the first signs of stress on the skin is oiliness, color, and finally the swelling around my eyes, not in vain these are one of the main consequences that the skin suffers from stress.

The Dra. Crsitina Garcia Ciriza, eédico director of the Center for Aesthetic Medicine Vital explains that “stress produces a hormone imbalance and leads our body to produce cortisol, known as the ” stress hormone. ” In this way, our body produces other hormones with different objectives and the excess of these leads to an imbalance that directly affects the skin.

Oily skin

Andrea Pfeffer, owner of a Spa that bears her own name, explains why stress produces oily skin.

“Your body’s reaction to stress is to produce the hormone cortisol, which pointlessly tells your sebaceous glands to make more oil, leading to oilier skin, congestion and breakouts. It also destroys collagen, weakening the skin, making it more susceptible to unevenness, textures and pimples.

IT DOES NOT matter that the time of adolescence has been in your past, when the woman is under stress, the presence of acne is inevitable, due to the tension that the person lives making the body react through small inflammations, which will inevitably have to get out somehow, also under stress more androgens are generated which are male sex hormones and this produces the well-known pimples.

Insufficient amount of oxygen

The human body is like a machine that, although it has the best food, or fuel that gives energy to the body, if it is under stress, its functions will be affected or limited only to those necessary.

The explanation is very simple, according to Noella Gabrielle, co-founder of the Spa, she comments that “as our body is in continuous struggle, once we get into stress, more adrenaline is released than normal, causing the person to walk a thousand, having a direct impact on breathing that becomes superficial, affecting the most important source of energy in the skin, which is oxygen. Without enough oxygen, the skin does not go through the normal and necessary cleansing process, clogging the pores of the skin.

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Sagging and dark circles

Because the blood flow is slowed, and the heart must pump more to cope with the stress of the person, the nutrients that need to feed the skin are lost and are located in the muscles, this not only causes the skin to lose luminosity, but which also causes loss of firmness creating flaccidity in some parts of the body.
The lack of adequate rest, produced by stress, leads the person to accumulate fluid under the eyes, forming so-called bags.


Much is said about stress, and not in vain, since it is a serious problem and it is increasingly reflected in people, even in young people and children.

In my personal life I also suffer from it and I work hard to improve it and avoid extreme stress. Sometimes I want to go back to that quiet and slow life in which I lived in my hometown where the obligatory «nap» and the endless rounds of mate between friends could not be missed, that was LIFE and although it seems that that was the only thing we did He was still working and attending college.

Be that as it may, today’s reality is different and worries lead to a very high level of stress.

Contrary to popular belief, stress can not only come from situations, stress is also the way we react to those problems, this is also what leads us to have stress.

So seeing it this way, it is something that we can very well learn to handle by simplifying life. However, if we follow the theory that it is caused by an external factor, we put ourselves in a position of “dependency”, losing control of our life, giving another or the situation our ability to resolve.

It goes without saying that every time a situation frustrates us, or we are worried or we feel anger, stress appears causing the release of hormones that directly affect the brain, putting it in a continuous state of alert, causing the muscles to tense and the pulse increases.

With this it is clear how much it affects our health, whether it produces obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, problems in the woman’s period, and of course in the SKIN.

Not just a matter of skin

The skin speaks for us, it is the most visible thing we have, so it is not only enough to take care of it with creams or lotions, because that will only take care of the symptom of the real problem that is stress. If you are going through something similar, start walking, or do some daily exercise, try to have more fun, and SIMPLIFY your life.

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