3 Steps To Learn To Give Up What Does Not Suit You

Don’t hold on to a possibility that doesn’t suit you as if it were the last lifeline. God has endless options for those who love and trust Him.

How to know when a situation does not suit us? And how to learn to give it up? Life constantly presents us with situations and making decisions large and small is a daily task. Faced with this dilemma, many remain stagnant and confused without knowing how to get out of certain situations.

Men tempted to leave their home justifying themselves in lack of love for their wives. Women who, faced with the indifference of their husbands, take refuge in passing flattery and threaten the stability of their marriages. There are thousands of people who do not know how to give up an addiction or who accept emotional relationships that do not bring them anything positive, others are not reciprocated or who continue with love affairs that only bring pain and suffering to their lives; the situations are innumerable. However, in the face of the apparent inability to renounce that inconvenient situation that only hurts, there remains the hope of regaining sanity and finding the way. Keep reading and you will learn how to achieve it.

1. Distance yourself from the emotion and assess the situation

Usually inconvenient situations bring great amounts of suffering and the retribution, happiness or pleasure they produce are relatively short-lived or few compared to moments of uncertainty and guilt. To move forward and find a way out of that situation, it is necessary to shed a bit of emotionality. Stop feeling that it is impossible to stop and put a little reason to our feelings is perfectly possible.

So, when evaluating the situation, not only think about what you want and the momentary satisfaction it produces, but also think about the consequences and especially project yourself into the future. Ask yourself these questions: What will your life be like in five years if you continue to be immersed in this inconvenient situation? What are you losing? What are you gaining? The answers can give you a light.

2. Seek sensible help

It is difficult to be our own advisor, particularly when we are so involved and the situation has gotten out of control. In this case, seeking help is safest, but not just any help! Think of a person with high morals who you admire and respect for their principles and values. It is important that it is someone outside your family nucleus, who can objectively express their opinion. It could be a friend, a psychologist, the pastor of a church, or even a family member who doesn’t live with you. I assure you that they will show you some facets of the situation that you have not seen clearly.

3. Trust the future

On many occasions we keep clinging to a situation that hurts us and that does not bring us anything good, only for fear of the future. Unable to give up that shred of satisfaction, we distrust a better tomorrow. Don’t hold onto that possibility as if it were the last lifeline. God has endless options for those who love and trust Him.

Pray to God at all times. That your prayer is not for achieving what you want but for what is best for your life. You are going to feel sad, because making the decision to leave something, even if it is inconvenient for your life, represents a loss and losses bring pain; but trust with all your heart in the Creator as HE can do everything. Get over your duel and in the end you will feel happy to have won.

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