3 Recommendations To Take Care Of Your Sight

It is, perhaps, one of the most delicate and important senses that we have, but to which we give little care. Read on and discover how to take care of your vision and that of your family.

It is a real beauty to be able to see well. Yes, I will know! That since I was a child, what we call genetics hit me tasty and then I inherited from my parents the issue of having to wear glasses (they could have left me a million dollars, they left me myopia!). Blurring is not pleasant at all, although there are people – like me – who are stupid and did not want to wear glasses until we were adults.

Now with my children I try to take great care of that issue. They are small and one of them likes to watch television very close to the screen; the fight is constant when we tell him to stand back, “you’re going to hurt your eyes,” but you know, as children we don’t even understand our name.

But the issue of eye care is not only important for children. Adults, sheltered in that aura of magnificence in which we think that nothing can harm us or that we will know how to handle it when it happens, we do not pay attention to our sight. The issue becomes even more important in this day and age when almost all jobs have to do with a computer. Trust me, it’s not nice that all you see is stains. Here are three recommendations to take good care of your vision.

1. Close your eyes

If in sports and work there is a break, then your eyes deserve it too. Sit down and rest your elbows on the table, then cover your eyes with the palms of your hands until you can’t see anything at all. Do not squeeze your eyes but if you hold that position for 20 seconds; repeating the exercise about three times will help you relax. Sure, it goes without saying that you don’t try when you walk.

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2. Focus

It’s like having a windshield wiper service, you have to observe well to avoid accidents. Take a pencil and stretch your whole arm away; then fix your eyes on that pencil and slowly bring it closer to your eyes. Repeat the exercise four times and, please, do not do it on the side that is pointed, much less in an unstable place.

3. Exercise

I called it the “camera 1 and camera 2” exercise. Take two pencils, pens, etc., and hold them in your hands, one in each. Stretch your hands and then alternate your vision closing one eye and turning to see the pencil that is in the corresponding hand. Do the exercise 10 times; Needless to remind you not to do any of this when you’re driving.

Caring for and paying attention to sight is not a minor issue, poor vision in children can mean poor school performance. When in doubt, attending the ophthalmologist will always be the number one option. See you there!

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