3 Powerful Phrases That Can Change Your Life

We present three powerful phrases that can change your life, did you already know them?

I will begin as lately it is customary to do in Facebook publications: « Like if you have also looked for a motivating phrase in recent days». The one that at times a person feels the need to ask for help, but without wanting to do so, is the most normal thing one could imagine. Many times you would love to ask for advice but pride, that small stop that sometimes does not allow us to grow, pushes you back.

Thus, this search for some comforting truth can lead us to feel wrapped in certain phrases, which, if they arrive at the right moment, can be authentic energy strokes to get back on track. That is precisely what I want to share with you. It should be noted that the phrases that I quote below do not have a specific author, and if they do, they must be given the corresponding credit. We are going to review them and hopefully some of them will be of help to you.

3 powerful phrases that can change your life

1. “Go back to where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated”

How about this to start? If we insist on someone liking us, we will surely return several times to a place where we are not really appreciated. Be careful, there are people who may feel underappreciated in their work, here the recommendation should be to release those wings and be able to fly to the place where our talents and above all, our joy, can develop. It does not apply to when you make a mistake at home and your wife gets angry with good reason, no way!

2. “People are not against you, they are for you”

In this painful process of growing up, it has been difficult for me to understand that there is no reason to take things personally, even though many people do. It’s not that they want to hurt you on purpose, it’s that they don’t want to be the victims. She says a phrase here in Mexico: “from them crying at my house, to crying at theirs …”, and that’s when we stop thinking about helping someone. If you detect abusive people in your life, do not waste time or strength to understand them, better follow your path, they will surely collide with the wall of other beings just like them. Be careful, it applies more with friends in the case of a sports final, but that situation is even enjoyable.

3. “Comfort is the enemy of success”

This is exactly the same as saying: “the difficult thing is not to get there, but to stay.” The work towards success or to achieve various objectives requires daily work, since if one goes to sleep, it creates a reputation for being lazy or sleepy. If you consider that you have already reached the top, surely something else is missing. Do not wait for someone else to take your place and throw yourself in the honeys of comfort. Be careful, this does not apply to those who work as mattress testers.

Has one served you? Do you think it is worth using it? Perhaps your experience has offered you other examples, it would be great if you share them.

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