3 Magic Recipes To Entertain Your Children

Because television is not the only way to entertain your children, discover magic recipes to entertain your children: they are simple and inexpensive.

I have to accept that I do not have an eternal amount of energy to take my children to the park every day for several hours, so I have had to see other options so that they can have fun without me dying trying to entertain them. All mothers know that it is essential to have some activity for our young children, because when they are bored they get upset or they turn into little monsters that end up breaking things because they are jumping around the house – the idea suddenly comes to mind. image of a caged lion, which comes and goes and ends up with what it finds.

It seemed that the only solution was to put them in front of a television screen so that they could pass the time without major damage, but I decided that I would have to find another option – definitely a better option. So with a little reading and motivation, I researched crafts and simple activities so that my children could have fun and use their imagination to the fullest, without worrying that they could mess up or destroy the house. These “magic recipes” have been invaluable to me when I am exhausted, or when the weather is not conducive to leaving the house; besides all, they are easy and inexpensive. I recommend that you do not wear your children their best clothes, as these activities are for them to explore and have fun without fear of ruining your favorite outfit:

Baking soda and vinegar

The amount of things you can do with these two ingredients is impressive! For example, you can put them in a container with food coloring to give them some colors, put the vinegar in a smaller bottle and let them play and have fun watching the baking soda bubble as soon as the vinegar is in contact with the powder. White. You can put the bicarbonate in a volcano and make it explode, or make shapes and figures with the bicarbonate and then see how it erupts with the vinegar; in this, the sky is the limit.

Banana plasticine

Plasticine is itself an object that all children love – it is used for learning and playing – but when you add half a ground banana to it, this activity becomes even more fun: children learn with all their senses. The plasticine made with a little banana offers a delicious smell and a consistency a little softer than the common one, it also offers different colors that amaze the little ones.

Shaving cream with colors

With just one container (tube) of shaving cream you can have hours of play and discovery. You can put the shaving cream in different containers or plates (if you like you can add color with water paints or vegetable paints) and let them play in the bathtub, or in the street, since with just a little water the cream of shaving disappears and cleans easily and quickly.

These are just a few of the many suggestions you can do with your little ones. On a rainy day, or if you have less energy than usual, try adding these games and see how they discover and enjoy activities in which they use all their senses to learn.

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