3 Interesting Aspects Of Celebrating The Day Of Taking Your Child To Work

Not enough time to spend with your child after work? Well, April 28 is approaching, get ready for your son to go to work.

At present, parents are forced to work outside the home due to the difficult economic situation experienced by many countries around the world. The amount of time parents spend in their workplaces is such that in some countries a day has been dedicated to allowing parents to take their children to their workplaces. This opens up to children of all economic conditions the possibility of exploring the world of adults.

How and why did the idea of ​​taking children to work come about?

The day of taking the children to work began in 1993 in the United States. At first, only girls were considered, as it was an initiative of the «Ms. Foundation for Woman ». However, in 2003 children began to be included in that plan, which is why the program is now called ” Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day “.

The interesting thing about it is that the American educational system supports that decision, since the general idea is for children to take a look at the professional world and begin to be interested in expanding their vocational tastes.

Another of the intentions of that day is to include children with different social problems and isolated from society and encourage them to also explore their interests and professional possibilities and not limit their dreams.

3 highlights of the day to take your child to work

1. It is not that in the long run your child dedicates himself to the same thing that you do

Although although you are taking your little one to expand his small horizons, that does not mean that you do it with the intention that in the long run your son will be the heir to your trade or that he will be the executor and responsible for making YOUR professional dreams come true.

The intention is obvious but it is worth clarifying: the purpose of taking it to your work is to give your child the opportunity to know a little more about you, know what you do to put bread on the table and realize that money it does not fall from the trees, it costs to get it and, therefore, you have to know how to invest it.

In addition to the above, a world of knowledge is opened to him that he could not otherwise have and he is helped to see with his children’s eyes the complicated but interesting world of adults.

2. A day off

It’s a business day, that’s clear. Despite that, it is easy to think that you will feel much more relaxed and fun, if you live in the United States, having your children by your side watching and questioning everything you do. Yes, it is a challenge to concentrate but the ultimate goal is not only that the children know what you work on, but that they spend a special day with you.

3. Children always bring out the true adult that you are

There are many people who do not have patience with children, but the truth is that they always have the gift of making you really show who you are.

It is possible that many of the children with whom you share that special day are not your children and are children whose parents do not have the job opportunity that you have. That will help you to show yourself more generous and patient than you are on a daily basis, so it is an opportunity to be that boy or girl that you once were and that you still have inside you again.

Not only that, but the opportunity to have a day of taking your child to work is that you will spend quality time with your little one. Something that sometimes gets complicated due to the hard and difficult work life. So make the most of that celebration and help your child broaden his outlook on life.

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