3 Activities To Develop Attention In Your Preschool Children

Every child, entering preschool, faces new challenges. How can you help your child? Here are some ideas that can be very helpful.

The school history of the little ones begins when they enter preschool. The mismatch in their habits and customs causes a bit of confusion in them, since having to adapt to new schedules, people and activities can be difficult for them at first. Accustomed to continuous hours of fun and games at home, the habit of obeying, staying still and paying attention to the teacher’s instructions, sometimes becomes a great test for children to overcome.

In these cases, the cooperation of the parents is essential, because in order to maintain attention in class, activities at home, practiced as a family, will be needed. Three easy and fun activities that you can do with your children to help them better adapt to school are:

1. Read to children

It is time to start making the family library with children’s books, without pictures. You have to sit with the child and read to him for at least 20 minutes. After certain paragraphs, ask the child about the characters and the situations that the text describes. As there are no drawings, you can ask him how he imagines each of the characters and settings to be, the color of their clothes and the qualities of the objects. With this, you will exercise your imagination creativity. Little by little, with each question the child will pay more attention to the story to answer correctly. If the activity is carried out with more than two members of the family, you can make teams and reward the one with the most correct questions at the end of the reading.

Interactive books, which include the questions to answer, are already on the market. This activity will encourage individual and group reading.

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2. Board games

The lottery, snakes and ladders, memoramas and other board games are a good option to stimulate concentration in children. They are basic and simple games where memory and image retention are practiced, the repetition of numbers when counting boxes to advance or go back. Likewise, they promote the learning of names of animals, characters, objects and foods. Also, your attention will always be focused on what is happening at the table. There are these board games on the market, with different themes and characters.

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3. Play dominoes

This game allows us to practice repeating counting from 1 to 6, as well as identifying its graphic representation with points. Dominoes have strict rules, stipulated in advance, that must be followed, such as “eating chips” when you don’t have the chip with the number you need, or if a player ends up with his chips, he has already won. Thus, the child will learn to follow previously stipulated rules to be able to play as a team.

The daily practice of these activities will encourage the preschooler to remain seated and pay attention, in addition to encouraging active participation in each of them. In the family environment, they are excellent options to promote coexistence and moments of healthy recreation at home. Practice them and you will see how entering the school world will be much easier for your children.

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