21 Ways To Seduce Your Husband Into Falling In Love With You Again Like The First Day

Do you feel that love is being lost in your marriage? Follow these 21 TIPS for your husband to recover the butterflies in the stomach for YOU!

A happy marriage requires constant efforts to keep love alive over time. Remember, love thrives on positive feelings, if you don’t take constant action to keep it full, you may both forget how the love that brought you together felt like. Use these TIPS to make yourself feel better in your relationship and keep your husband madly in love with you and look more attractive.

2. Leave romantic messages in unexpected places

Like in the bathroom mirror or in your car. It is NOT cheesy! you will draw a smile on her face.

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3. Get some sun together

The sun is believed to help your brain transmit serotonin, the hormone that helps you have a better mood.

4. Be the one who initiates sex

This way you will let him know that you want him as much as he wants you and that will increase his male ego.

5. Go on dates alone

Outside the home and without touching issues of problems or concerns. Keep the conversation positive!

6. Renew marriage vows

Fall in love again and get married again! No matter how long you’ve been married, the two of you will feel your love renewed.

7. Don’t hesitate to show affection in front of others

8. Make love slowly

Don’t just do it in a hurry. Take the time you can and enjoy 100% privacy.

9. Show that you need their help

By insitito natural, the woman likes to feel wanted and the man likes to feel NEEDED. Let him do things for you even if you can do them alone.

10. Tell him how your life is better since you are with him

Confess the positive changes your life has taken since you have been together.

11. Try new things together

It is simple but SO important. Nothing renews love more than new experiences.

12. Remember the past

Take it to the place where you met or had your first date.

13. Be patient

Especially do not come to conclusions based on just ideas, talk about the problems and solve them.

14. Look at the stars together

There are few things as magical as the tranquility and romance of a night under the stars. I assure you that they will relax and play deep songs under the moon.

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15. Surprise him with a romantic dinner at home

If you have children, find a babysitter for a couple of hours and have a romantic evening at home.

16. Ask him what his favorite food was as a child and prepare it for him

Just in case it is true that love enters the kitchen, pamper it and make it remember the tastes of its childhood.

17. Give her an erotic massage

It shouldn’t necessarily lead to sex, focus on your pleasure and creating intimacy together.

18. Be Positive

Try to keep a positive and happy outlook on life. Remember, joy is contagious!

19. Ask him what makes him feel loved

We all feel love in a different way, even if you are doing everything that YOU think is right, he may not receive it as you expect.

20. Don’t be just mom

As a woman it is too easy to take care of others and forget about yours. If you have lost your personal identity, find it again by searching for new things that inspire YOU with passion.

21. Love yourself

If you feel that your self-esteem is low, sit in a mirror and have a long conversation with yourself. It’s hard to inspire love when you don’t feel it yourself.

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